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 Clan Ranking System

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Fate Another Developer

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PostSubject: Clan Ranking System   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:10 pm

Note: As of May 2nd, 2012 some modification has been made to the ranking system.

Archer (Rank 1, Access 200) - Reserved for Chieftain
Gilgamesh (Rank 2, Access 200) - Reserved for Shamans
Saber (Rank 3, Access 100) - Senior Members
Assassin (Rank 4, Access 60) - Regular Members
Lancer (Rank 5, Access 30) - Entry Members

Access Info:

   * Access 20: !mail, !inbox, !whoami, !crsrank, !gg, !gg1
   * Access 60: !say
   * Access 80: !votekick, !voteban
   * Access 90: !kick, !ban, !timeban, !invite (Only on ClanUFW2 Bot), !join (Only on ClanUFW2 Bot)
   * Access 100: !crsset, !crspromote, !crsdemote
   * Access 200: !reconnect, !quit (Emergency Use Only)

Qualifications for the ranks:

Rank 5 (Lancer): Entry Rank
Rank 4 (Assassin): Members who have resided in the clan for at least 3 months
Rank 3 (Saber): Members who have resided in the clan for at least 1 year and have been active. Also given admin privileges to the hosting bot.

If you meet the qualifications, you must speak to an administrator about promotion.

Note: The Clan Ranking System database has been wiped so all members of UFW needs to come speak to an administrator about getting set up with a new rank

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Fate/Another Official Tester

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PostSubject: Re: Clan Ranking System   Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:11 am

I have updated the above to follow with the current status of the ranking system.
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Clan Ranking System
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