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 New clan and it's prospects

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PostSubject: New clan and it's prospects   Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:20 pm

I'd like all of you to please pay attention to this particular thread, as this will be the most important one out of the whole forum. I realize that this is a really long thread, but it's also a necessary one as to avoid any future problems as we had with our previous clan.

On August 1st 2009, couple of members of Clan MLW started to engage in a "heated conversation" that went on for many hours. Some of you may know them, some of you may not but their names are not an important detail to be discussed. As far as what I can determine from the cause, they started to fight because they were insulting each other in a stupid way (it matters not who started it, because they do it all the time). The issue got tremendously bigger when one of the shamans who was quarreling decided to abuse his power and start banning members out of the channel. First, he did it continuously to the person he was engaging with, but he eventually decided to use the ban command on all of the members.

Apparently, he thought it was funny to abuse the power he was granted with. To me, it seemed like giving a teenager a weapon of mass destruction to handle. Because the nonsense of power abusing has dragged on, I requested the chieftain to take off his position of Shaman. Not wanting to be involved with the situation, the chieftain decided not to and I subsequently left the clan to make this new clan.

Yes, it's a very funny story. This really is a ridiculous drama played by bunch of children, including myself but even now, I firmly believe it was a necessary maneuver.

Although I have to say that all of us is at fault in reality for the situation. The people that were engaged in the quarrel could've just ignored each other and let the conversation end on its own or even better, they could've apologized to each other and end it firmly. Apparently, they knew no better than a first grader who was taught to apologize whenever they did something wrong, even if it isn't their fault. The Chieftain could've taken measures himself to stop them, even if it means kicking them out of the channel temporarily. I could've taken better measures to calm them down, but I decided to give up at one point. The result was catastrophical - I left clan, the chieftain disbanded the clan.

Of course, I can't completely blame them either. To err is to human, meaning that we inevitably act selfishly and emotionally. Even I make the same mistake from time to time. But as I do, would you not agree that it's better to respect and understand each other than to continuously impose your pride on others? Respect is a word that doesn't need a handbook of definition. You know by heart if you are respecting other members or not.

I'd like to ask all of you at this place to respect others - not from plain definition of "do what you expect yourself to others" but from what your mind tells you. Because once you accomplish the latter, you've just accomplished the former.

I'm sorry I dragged on such a cheesy story and request for a long time, now I will discuss about our clan's prospects

First, as most of you are probably aware, our clan is a Fate / Another oriented clan. I plan to focus on making Clan UFW the central of Fate / Another games. I mean to me, it really is senseless that people go to Clan NFF to play Fate / Another games. No offense, but Clan NFF is a Nanoha Fight clan, they've really got the wrong number here. But besides from that, I want to nourish my personal ambition of making this clan famous in USEAST for Fate / Another games and let everyone who is in the clan enjoy the prosperity as well.

To accomplish this, I will begin advertising massively both online and offline to gain as many members as possible that are interested in FSN. My personal goal is to gain at least 40 members by the end of September. Then, as some of you may already know, I will also translate the next upcoming version of Fate / Another II V1.1 in English - gaining some advertisement value for the clan. Finally, I will put miscellaneous venues to attract even more people such as trivia in clan channel (I'm taking ideas for this part, suggestions are welcome!)

There's also a personal project I'm working on known as MLW Brawl - a map created by me. Of course, Clan MLW is disbanded now, so I will have to rename the map UFW Brawl or something, I don't know yet. The next upcoming version will go on public, so it will hopefully draw some more people as well.

Also, as promised, there will be an election to select Chieftains and Shamans of the clan every 4 months to give everyone a fair chance and to select the most capable person to run the clan. For now, the clan just got created so there won't be an election until December 7th, 2009 meaning that I will personally select the shamans for the next four months on August 7th, 2009.

I'm going to give all shamans nearly unlimited power regarding all clan affairs. That is why I am going to select the most qualified members for the position. As a shaman you must show the highest sense of responsibility and show an example to all clan members, so I will not take this process as a joke. I have not decided at the moment on how many shamans I will select, it may only be 1 or all 4.

To conclude, I'd like to ask all of your cooperation into making this clan the best FSN clan of USEast. Invite as many people as you can who knows how to play FSN or are interested and want to learn. With my dedication and your support, I will make sure that the plan becomes a reality.

Addendum : I need a person who is an expert at using graphics tool such as Photoshop to make the banner of the clan for the forum

Addendum 2 : I forgot to mention that the enforcement of the rule was brought into a questioning several occasions regarding the fact that some of its rules are actually not policed by the administrators. I'm going to make it clear right now that not all rules will be strictly enforced as written. For instance, I will not give you a warning for saying a cuss word out loud once or twice as long as it's not blatantly done against someone. This is because I trust in your judgement to use the rules to protect yourselves if necessary, not to abuse it.

However, I will strictly enforce the rule regarding ragequit/kicking and flaming in public. The first is because it's extremely unmannered to quit or kick, potentially ruining a game for everyone. The second is for obvious reasons - I've encountered this issue too many times from the old clan and frankly, nobody else needs to be aggravated for something they did not ask for.
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New clan and it's prospects
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