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 Let's Make this clear.

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PostSubject: Let's Make this clear.   Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:24 pm

Hello, This is Launce, I am writing this behalf of all experienced fsn players. ~.~

I read an interesting topic about me, Gloomy, Madock ... etc. I'm NOT writing this Topic Because I feel so offended and Raged, Rather I am writing this Topic BECAUSE i want to make this CLEAR to those players who are NOT good at FSN.

FSN is team game, as all of you know. This is not some kind of game which one person own every other players. This is Game requires Teamplay the most. However, Not everyone MUST be good. As one of you like to say "It's just game." You don't need to be Good in order to enjoy this game, rather You need to LISTEN in order to have fun in this game.

Let's see what happens when you have teammate who doesnt listen.

Assume 5v5 DM Game, and score was 11-11. There were 2 left on both side.

Team 1 Team 2
There was Saber + TA vs Gilgamesh + DS.

Appearantly Gilgamesh has quarter of his Hp and using Enkidu on Saber.

TA's teammates told him to attack Gilgamesh. TA who is known to be bad player doesn't listen to his teammates and keep attack DS. -> Result was Team 1 lost. (This is Based on my Experience though)

After Game was over, all players came to the channel. Every players in Team 1 asked TA WHY he didnt attack gilgamesh. Then, SOMEHOW, TA player felt so offensive and told them to quit spam on him. He Raged, posted Topic in the thread.

Now Question.

Whose Fault is it? TA who didnt listen to his teammate but got made at the fact that his teammates raging at him?

or TA's Teammates who couldn't understand why TA doesnt LISTEN.

Look, Let me say something which is very straightforward.

It's NOT WRONG to be bad. It's WRONG If you don't LISTEN.

TA player who didn't say SINGLE WORD in ALL GAME was just mad at the fact everyone spamming at him, not understanding WHY everyone screaming at him.

Do you think Everyone is bitching at you just because you sucks at this game?


IF TA explained WHY he didn't attack Gilgamesh.

IF TA listened to those advices that other players have given him.

IF TA told them he is feeling so offensive because of them.

But, he didn't do any of these, rather just raged about fact that everyone screaming on him.

- I WONT respond at ANY REPLIES that can be posted.

Im not native english speaker, so some part might be unclear, but Im pretty sure you got what I want to say.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Make this clear.   Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:42 pm

I am locking this topic due to a possibilty of upheaval in the forum.

Next time, if you want to suggest something, do it in more of a friendly tone.
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Let's Make this clear.
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