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 Fate Another World Championship, 2018 Grand Prix Format&Rules,Regulations

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PostSubject: Fate Another World Championship, 2018 Grand Prix Format&Rules,Regulations   Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:24 pm

Fate Another is a fan made game that has been around since mid 2000. Though it is made by Korean developer, this game become popularized and different players from different region started to play the game. on 2018, despite most of Warcraft lll population is declining, Fate Another  still has one of the biggest community. There are players from United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Britain, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and many more.

Clan UFW was formed late 2009, early 2010. Despite lacking in numbers, there were many talented players who passed by.

Winner of the first UFW Tournament
TEAM STACK : Vaporaction, Laruku, Ratstsrub, Dun.Arcuturus, and Gloomysheep
Winner of the second official UFW Tournament
Team Walrus Tickle Dance Band: paragontrix, Josph, Tianxia, l46kok, Engyocon, KnightIX
Winner of the third official UFW Tournament
Team stacked: SleepingForest, Launcelot, akiha_you, Rokuko, Tortured

Gloomysheep, Laruku, Dun.Arcturus, Ronschi, Fireflasher, Aneq, Myth_Zero, l46kok and many more. Unfortunately, at early stage of UFW on 2010, the cross continent matches were practically impossible because of latency issue, and I could only host match like UFW Allstar match ( to show player's skill levels.

However... on 2018, that's not the case.

Have you ever wondered, however,

who would be the best contender out there?

Is it the Korean Fate Another players?
Is it the UFW Fate Another players?
South Asian Fate Another players?
Or Is it the Chinese Fate Another players?

Here I am proudly presenting the real Fate Another World Championship. This will finally decide who is the best contender out there. The winner of the tournament will win $1500USD sponsored by l46kok, the developer.

Do you think you are the best player out there and can take on any players who are claiming to be the best? Come out here and join the tournament, fight to be a Champion and let the World know that you are the best out here. Whoever wins the tournament will be entering the Hall of Valour on Clan UFW Website and remembered until the website goes down. Also, there will be aura given to the winner of the tournament. Also, there will be special MAD movie created by me for the team with their montage in it.
(This was the first video made by me)

Signs up for the Tournament


Tournament Format

Double Elimination
Best of Three

Final will be played as Best of Five

Tournament Schedule


Map Version (Subject to change)

Fate / Another III UFW Version 2.9b  will be used for the tournament.


You are free to sign up on your own, or as your premade team.

If you do decide to sign up on your own, the team will be randomized.

Current Entries

Signups Deadline



5v5 Deathmatch
Extra On
Ban Pick Mode
Anti-Magic Potions On

For Ban Pick Mode, 6th servant pick is not to be used in game (So just pick something random)

Substitution Rule (Subject to change)

Two substitutions per team is allowed in the event a competing player cannot attend the match. The substituting player must meet the following requirements:

The substituting player must be verified by the administrator.
Player of one team may not sub for the other team.

Hosting (Subject to change)

ENT Bot will be used for the matches. ENT Bot will be used (Currently, ENT Bot is available on hosting on New York and EU Region) Location of the bot will be decided by the consensus of the teams. If a consensus cannot be met, coin toss will be played and whoever wins the coin toss, team may choose the hosting locations. Next game, the other team will pick the hosting location. For Final Match, there will be coin toss for deciding which server will be used.

If the consensus between Asian teams are not met, you may use clan UFW Asia bot (provided by Squally) to play the match. Bot is located on Japan server.

Rule: In circumstances where if one team tries to abuse the connection of the bot to influence the outcome of the game, (for example, team uses the bot that is farther from the region to put the other team on disadvantage) admin may interfere.

If both teams agree to be played on other server, you may use any other hosting server (including private server or Garena), so long as admin is present in the match. Note that you MUST have admin for ANY tournament match.

Match Rules

All games must be played with a designated admin present in it.
All games must continue regardless of disconnections that may occur, unless if the disconnection occurs before the game begins.
If a game produces a fatal error before 10 minute mark, then the particular match played is counted as a draw. If it occurs after 10 minutes, then whichever team was leading wins the match.
All players must not leave until the game has been finished or one team has forfeited. Any leaving aside from disconnection will result in immediate disqualification of the player.
Any cheating or engagement in misconduct will result in immediate disqualification of the team.
All teams are allowed 2 minute pause during Ban Pick phase and 3 minute pause during the match.

Tournament Organizer


Tournament admin


There will be many awards for this tournament:

Winner of the Tournament will be posted on Hall of Valour and remembered
1st place will be winning the prize of $1500 USD.
You may also be given for Aura that will be made by the developer l46kok
There will be special MAD video about the montage of the team throughout tournament made by Launcelot
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Fate Another World Championship, 2018 Grand Prix Format&Rules,Regulations
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