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 FA's Bug in regards to the model ( I assume )

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PostSubject: FA's Bug in regards to the model ( I assume )    Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:18 pm

Cause : None
Condition : Blink - click - windblade turns out to windblade - blink - click

Ever since I came back to fate, I have noticed myself I have been failing my blink - click - windblade(E). Instead of doing Blink - click - windblade, i would ofen do E - blink . Upto today I thought it was my fault for skipping "click" part after the blink.

However, practicing on single mode for hours, I confirmed that it wasnt my mistake that I did E - blink, it was some issue in regards to the model ( I believe, cuz I dont remember having such issue back when I was playing lots of FA).

So if you do Blink - click - E too fast, you will end up doing E blink click.

This is very hard to explain because its extremely small differences.

Let me explain it through how i felt.

If you do (Blink Click) give a small window, and E then you wont fail.
However, if you do (Blink Click E) without giving any delay in between the blink - click - e part, you will end up doing E - blink - click.

I suspect this has to do with model because I do not recall having this issue before i quit fate.

I hope you look into this issue.

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FA's Bug in regards to the model ( I assume )
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