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 Looking for Feature / Balance Analysts

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PostSubject: Looking for Feature / Balance Analysts   Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:38 pm

As the size of the development team grows, we are now looking for Feature / Balance Analysts for Fate / Another III. You will be responsible for analyzing Fate / Another III and communicating with developers to produce future patches.

Candidate Responsibilities

  • Documenting future changes to Fate / Another III for developers, including balances, new spells, new servants etc.
  • Testing any new functionalities whenever needed
  • Writing Patch Logs

Candidate Requirements

  • Superior command of English - both in reading and writing.
  • Fair command of English - in speaking & listening.
  • Exceptional documentation skills & attentive to details (I.E: Your documentation should contain no spelling/grammatical errors and should have as much detail as possible for developers)
  • Exceptional understanding of the game in general
  • Great amount of dedication and time required.

Candidate Bonuses

  • Understanding in World Editor & vJass
  • Excellent skills in Fate / Another III
  • Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle is a huge plus

We are looking for two additional candidates to fill the position. Please send your application to and describe how you fulfill the requirements and why you would be a great candidate.

Thank you!

Note: You can apply for both Admin & Feature / Balance Analyst positions. These positions are not mutually exclusive.
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Looking for Feature / Balance Analysts
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