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 Garena Players: How to solve lagging issues on Asia Hosting

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PostSubject: Garena Players: How to solve lagging issues on Asia Hosting   Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:49 pm

We've noticed a certain number of players lagging heavily when connected from Garena to play on the UFW Asia hosting bots, with pings rising up to 1000 and above. We've found that enabling IPv6 could cause extremely high latency due to the way the hosting bot & garena router is structured.

If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend that you disable your IPv6 on your network adapter. Here's how:

For Windows 7/8/10

Open up control panel->Open network and sharing center->Click on change adapter settings

Right click on your network adapter and click properties

Check off the box next to Internet Protocol Version 6 and press OK

Q: Would this affect my internet performance in anyway?
A: No, and turning off IPv6 is often recommended for playing older games such as Warcraft III. This should not affect your network performance / stability in anyway.

Technical Details: In IPv6, UDP checksum over an entire packet is mandatory because unlike IPv4, there is no header in the packet for checksum. Because connections from Ghost (Hosting Bot)->GCB (Garena Router)->Client computer chunks the UDP packets into very small bytes, this places a heavy burden on any middle tier hardwares/softwares performing a full checksum on UDP packets (and dropping them quite often too). This does not affect players connecting from Battle.NET or Eurobattle.Net, as the main mode of connection is TCP in those realms but this does affect Garena players as they join the games through LAN and the main mode of protocol is UDP there.
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Garena Players: How to solve lagging issues on Asia Hosting
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