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 Fate / Another III UFW Ver 2.7

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PostSubject: Fate / Another III UFW Ver 2.7   Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:40 pm

October 30th, 2016
Fate / Another UFW Ver 2.7

Model Additions

  • A new model for Saber (5th) and Saber Alter has been added. Type "-model" in game to swap between models

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Saber's Strike Air animation not coinciding with the swing of her blade
  • Fixed an issue with Archer (Extra, Robin)'s Retreative Shot not pushing the user back if the spell ever kills the target at the end of the round (We can't reproduce this bug, please send us a replay if this happens in your game)
  • Fixed an issue with Saber (Extra, Nero)'s Theatre lasting in the field if Saber has been killed with Avenger's Berg Avesta

Balance Changes

  • Lancer (Extra, Karna)

    • Combo [Max Vasavi Shakti]'s Area of Effect has been reduced from 1500->900

  • Caster (5th)

    • Attribute - Improved Hecatic Graea no longer adds 300 bonus area of effect to Combo [Hecatic Graea II]

  • Saber Alter

    • Combo [Max Mana Blast]'s Area of Effect has been reduced from 1800->1500

  • Saber (Extra, Nero)

    • Combo [Fax Caelestis]'s damage is no longer randomized
      (formula changed from 1100 + (10~20) * Agility to 1100 + 10 * Agility).

Download Links
Map Download
Sound Pack ?pcsc8b36lt83l8c
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Fate / Another III UFW Ver 2.7
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