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 Godhelp Rework

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PostSubject: Godhelp Rework   Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:47 am

So the idea here is that god-help previously was consider burst-comeback mechanic however majority of the players do not use god-help this way, and instead prefer to use god-help as scaling bonus provided by stats and level up god-help. Also some hero's received more god-help than others due to revive skills and besides anti-magic potion, no other god-help can really compete in term of giving burst power to red stats god-help. This change is aimed at normalizing the amount of god-help characters each character receive, attempt to make other god helps more viable and normalizing how god-helps are acquired.

System: You will acquire a god-help on your team's 6th round lost. You may only acquire it once. Leavers do not grant you godhelp. You may acquire the bonus immediate once upon selecting it. You receive selected bonus every 10 minute marker except for Avarice  


Avarice: gives 1000 additional gold to everyone on your team at the start of each round. you gain 10 Gold Regeneration as an over-time bonus.

Full Heal Pot Contains 2 charges, every 10 minutes, you obtain 2 additional charges..
Scroll of Alchemists contains 2 charges, Allows you to mark a target for 60 seconds granting 1200 Aerial sight. every 10 minutes, you obtain 2 additional charges every 10 minutes.
Stats Godhelp: Gives you additional 4(5?) stats per 10 minutes and 1 seal.
(SoulBounded)Anti-Magic Magic Potion: Grants you 1 Spell Immunity potions lasting 7 seconds, you receive 1 charge every 10 minutes

I'd like everyone to post their opinions regarding this suggestion. For record, you may notice that Level-up god-help is not written. This is because experience points in the map are limited to 24 and as long as the game lasts long enough, All characters will eventually hit level 24. Although not spoken, I'm also suggesting to remove Gold Regeneration Statistic because it is far too efficient for what it does and it is only statistic not limited to 50 making it off-set to the system in general. If you want more gold overall, It should be taken from a valid bonus, not a given.
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Godhelp Rework
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