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 Fate / Another III UFW Ver 2.6

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Fate Another Developer

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PostSubject: Fate / Another III UFW Ver 2.6   Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:16 pm

Note: This version has a critical bug related to Archer. Please Download Version 2.6c instead:

October 28th, 2016
Fate / Another UFW Ver 2.6

System Changes

  • Caster (4th)'s Demonic Creature of the Ocean Depth's control group is retained even after the creature's death

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with AI Lancer obtaining more than 100 armor in the game
  • Fixed an issue with AI Lancer being able to use command seals while affected by command-seal blocking type stuns

Balance Changes

  • Stats

    • Health Regen stat bonus has been decreased from +3 to +2

  • Archer (5th)

    • Far Sight has been reverted to older style (No more spellbook)

  • Saber (5th)

    • Excalibur and Avalon mana has been reverted from 500/700 to 400/800 respectively.

  • Berserker (5th)

    • Courage no longer adds bonus damage to Nine Lives.
    • Attribute - Reincarnation's required stat points have been increased from 8 to 10
    • Attribute - Reincarnation no longer increases the amount of mana restored upon revival from God Hand
    • Attribute - God Hand's required stat points have been increased from 19 to 20
    • Attribute - Divinity's required stat points have been increased from 16 to 18

  • Berserker (4th)

    • Knight of Honor - Rule Breaker's magic damage amplification modifier has been decreased from 2x to 1.75x

  • Assassin (5th)

    • Heart of Harmony's bonus attack speed has been increased from 10/20/30/40/50 percent to 20/40/60/80/100 percent
    • Attribute - Improved Eye of the Mind's critical strike damage multiplier has been increased from 2.5x to 2.8x

  • Berserker (Extra, Lubu)

    • Armistice's damage type has been changed from True to Spell

  • Caster (4th)

    • Attribute - Improved Demonic Creature of the Ocean Depth's required stat points have been increased from 12 to 15

  • Caster (5th)

    • Attribute - Improved Hecatic Graea's required stat points have been increased from 10 to 12
    • Rule Breaker's magic damage amplification modifier has been decreased from 2x to 1.75x

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Map has been partially translated (100% of triggers, 75% of objects). List of translated servants are below:

    • Saber (5th) -> 100%
    • Archer (5th) -> 100%
    • Lancer (5th) -> 100%
    • Assassin (5th) -> 100%
    • Berserker (5th) -> 100%
    • Saber Alter -> 100%
    • Lancer (4th, Zero Lancer) -> 100%
    • Berserker (4th, Lancelot) -> 100%
    • Caster (4th, Zero Caster) -> 100%
    • Archer (Extra, Robin) -> 95%
    • Lancer (Extra, Karna) -> 100%
    • Caster (Extra, Alice) -> 90%
    • Archer (4th) -> 100%
    • Rider (5th) -> 100%
    • Berserker (Extra, Lu Bu) -> 100%
    • Rider (4th) -> 90%
    • True Assassin -> 100%
    • Assassin (Extra) -> 100%
    • Rider (Extra) -> 80%
    • Caster (5th) -> 100%
    • Saber (Extra,Gawain) -> 90%

Download Links


Sound Pack ?pcsc8b36lt83l8c

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Fate Another Developer

Posts : 1673
Join date : 2009-08-01
Age : 30
Location : Laramie

PostSubject: Re: Fate / Another III UFW Ver 2.6   Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:54 pm

Patch Rationale

First off, we'd like to mention that now there's only 3 more servants left to translate (Avenger, Extra Caster (Tamamo), Extra Berserker (Vlad)) Very Happy. We're getting real close.

The primary objective of this patch was to address some of the lingering balance issues with what we refer to as "high-tier" servants in preparation for the upcoming tournament. We expect the next few patches we are about to release will be geared towards the tournament.

While the previous tournament went fairly well (with the exception of finals due to unfortunate mishaps), the matches did clearly reveal a strong preference for certain types of servants during the ban pick phase. Our long term intention, preferably before the tournament begins, is to mitigate the "Berserker meta" as much as possible so that the teams are free to choose from a wider selection of servant pools. With that, let's discuss each servant in turns.

Archer (5th) & Saber (5th)

This one is easy. It's universally agreed that Archer's new spellbook is a hindrance to most players with no real benefits, so we've rolled it back to old version. Likewise, we see no particular reason to keep the Excalibur / Avalon mana at 500 / 700 mana (especially considering Avalon turned into a superb skill compared to old versions), so we've also rolled this one back.

Berserker (5th), Berserker (4th), Berserker (Extra, Lubu)

Here's our attempt #1 at normalizing Berserker classes. Our philosophy is that tankers should have multitude of ways to initiate enemies while being able to tank a fair amount of damage. The problem is that on top of exceedingly handling the aforementioned two roles, they also deal an abnormally large amount of damage, to the degree where they overshadow some of the other DPSers. We should also mention that with stats being a lot more abundant, their tanking abilities have become more potent than ever. Let's look at each servants and put these points into a perspective:

There should absolutely be no doubt that Berserker (5th) brings too much to a table. Great initiating skill (Nine Lives), insane tanking ability (High HP, 25% MR, Berserk) and of course, Berserker's staple attribute "God Hand" is undoubtedly what's keeping him at #1 win rate in rank and #1 pick rate during tournament. But why does he need to deal so much damage? (See statistics if you don't believe me). So the first thing we're going to address is his damaging ability - the statistics indicate that his damage is as comparable to jumpers and this is no surprise when level 5 Nine Lives with Courage deal as much damage as Lancer's Gae Bolg. Truth is, we wanted to reduce the nine damage a bit but we've decided to remove the bonus damage from Courage to begin with and observe the situation before making any further damage related changes.

Next, we wanted to focus on his survivability. It is our opinion that a single servant having an 11 revive available is destined to cause intricate balance issues. But God Hand, unfortunately due to his canon, is what defines Berserker and we don't want him to lose that for the sake of balance. We're planning to make some drastic changes to God Hand eventually, while Berserker maintains his identity. But for time being, we're going to increase the cost of the tanking related attributes. Due to abundance of stats, we've been seeing Berserkers not only get all attributes fairly quickly, but have stats left over to be investing in say, HP regen. So we feel that this is a viable quick remedy, until we come up with more of a permanent solution.

Now, for Berserker (4th) and Berserker (Extra, Lubu), we feel their tanking ability is pretty excellent, but not broken enough that would warrant an immediate nerf. However, the amount of damage they are able to dish out, especially Berserker (4th), is too much considering their role. For Lubu, we're only going to take away the true damage part from his Armistice (Q). For Lancelot, we're going to reduce his damage multiplier from Rule Breaker. This is a pretty huge damage nerf (but is it enough? this, we will find out soon enough) as virtually all of his skills are directly tied with the Rule Breaker.

Again, most of these changes we are applying are temporary fixes and we're working on a long term fix as we speak. It's entirely possible that we nerf these roles even harder before the tournament begins. We'll watch how things unfold first though.

Assassin (5th)

After the remake, the data seem to indicate that Assassin (5th) is performing mostly OK. Not stellar though. One issue we've been noticing is that most Assassin players are not really incorporating the melee attacks between the skills, which is what we actually aimed for. We feel this is because the reward Assassin players get for meleeing is minuscule compared to spamming their available skills. Hence, we're going to buff the melee related attribute and skill a bit to see if it would aid the players in mixing up their plays with melee attacks.

Caster (4th)

ZC players, rejoice Smile now you don't have to rebind your monster every time you resummon it.

If there's one thing we can proudly claim in the recent patches, it's how successful the Caster (4th) remake was. It's fair to say that the remake enables players a very intricate style of play, with a lot of depths to uncover, while allowing enemies to come up with a viable counter strategy. This is the epitome of what a servant design should be.

But we're not claiming that his balance is perfect. We feel that Caster (4th)'s Improved Demonic Creature of the Ocean Depths cost is too small in comparison to the benefits it brings. Plus, Caster (4th) players often have a lot of stat points lingering around as his attributes generally cost low. So we're going to increase its cost a bit.

Caster (5th)

Ah yes, another high-contender for picks when it comes to competitive games...

Rule Breaker's damage multiplier was also reduced for Caster (5th) for the similar reason written in the Berserker section.

Lightning Bombing, more colloquially known as "luck bombing", does present situations where a Caster player may get seemingly unfair kills. Especially after the introduction of "bolt homing" (one bolt is always guaranteed to hit), these luck kills seem to be happening more often. We'd like to address this in another way later, but for now, we're increasing the cost of Hecatic Graea attribute a bit as a redress. We felt this should be good enough for now, especially considering that Rule Breaker has been nerfed.
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Fate / Another III UFW Ver 2.6
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