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 [Poll] Regarding development of F/A III on UFW ver or official version

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PostSubject: [Poll] Regarding development of F/A III on UFW ver or official version   Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:34 pm

Two days ago, I received the source map for official F/A III 3.0J version from Astania. This means we now have the option to proceed development on the newest version of fate, and actually make it so that it can be hosted on bots. Right now, we are in the midst of deciding whether to continue our development off UFW Version 1.3 or F/A III 3.0J. There are some realistic considerations we must take into account of. Keep in mind that UFW Version is based off on F/A III 2.9W, so we're many versions behind compared to the original.

Continuing development on UFW Version would mean the following:

  • The map is about 45%~50% translated at this point. We will be able to retain all of the english translations
  • UFW Version already has our own balancing put into it. Introducing a map based on F/A III 3.0J may bring abrupt changes to players (for the better or worse). Keeping UFW version would avoid such sudden changes.
  • The source code is obsfucated, so the pace of development is a lot slower in general. This means that any new feature implementation and bug fixes are difficult or at times, nearly impossible.

On the other hand, continuing our development on the official version would mean the following:

  • All of the English translation will be lost. This means that it will either take a longer time to get the translations back to original state, or worse (and more likely), there will no longer be any translations
  • The source map, as the name implies, retains the original source code. This has the benefit of being able to crank out code at an unprecedented speed, which means feature implementation and bug fixes will be a lot faster.
  • While the direction of balance is different than the UFW version, in general it is fair to say that the balance is better than it was back in 2.9W

FYI, I only have until mid-August to continue developing fate. Unless if someone else is willing to take over, the development is very likely to halt after August.

Also, continuing development on 3.0J does not mean Alice/Nero/ZC are gone forever. We plan to turn them back on. (Although we imagine their balance will have to be readjusted)

Please voice your opinions in the following poll and let us know what you think. This will determine the direction of the development.
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[Poll] Regarding development of F/A III on UFW ver or official version
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