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 [Guide] Paladin (M+)

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PostSubject: [Guide] Paladin (M+)   Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:56 pm


Paladin takes on the three roles of off-heal, off-tank and mass resurrection, a unique characteristic to be found in Impossible Bosses. Because of his unique role and vital importance in survivability, Paladin is one of the hardest classes to play. Depending on who plays this role, it can bring a significant impact to the team ranging from a total wipe to successful clear.

A Paladin player must maintain a great visibility in any given game. The player must be able to quickly determine who is in danger so that the player can be saved with Blessings of Protection, and always needs to be ready to taunt the boss in place of Warrior if the situation demands it. In essence, a good Paladin player will make the game "stable".

There is one more job for Paladins to handle and that is the depletion of boss energy via Surrender and Energy Sap. Details will be written below.

[1] Spell Analysis

Heal [E]

Heals a target friendly unit for 500 hit points. Units within range (300) of your Sanctuary Aura will receive 150 bonus healing. Units within range and under 20% health will receive 350 bonus healing.

A basic single-target healing spell. Essential to continuously use it as soon as the cooldown comes back. Be as close to the target as possible for the bonus effect in any given moment.

Divine Fury [C]

75% increased attack speed, restore 10 mana per attack, deals 40 extra dmg on attack and righteous strike.

A good spell that helps Paladin sustain mana during the fight. Important to use it whenever you are able to attack the boss.

Righteous Strike [X]

Slashes the target with divine force dealing 350 magic damage and granting you a 2 sec period of invulnerability. Depletes 40 energy instantly and 44 over 11 seconds (4 per second).

Not the best damaging spell, but the 2 second invulnerability and the energy depletion comes in extra handy. Make sure to save this spell if your divine shield is on cooldown. You can also use this spell on minions.

Taunt [F]

Force target unit to focus their attacks on you.

A very important spell that enables Paladin to off-tank. You should always be ready to taunt the boss in case if the Warrior loses aggro (Brute, Druid, Shadow, Ancient etc).

Exodius [R]

Consumes your life and resurrect all fallen allies with 100% health and the mana they died with. Players will be unable to cast resurrect or Exodus for 45 seconds. Dying this way will not affect the team's rank. Can not be cast while invulnerable.

A game-changing spell if used properly. Because of the spell's penalty, it should only be used when majority of the party members are dead. Normally, this spell has 6 second casttime, but there is a bug that enables you to cast it almost instantaneously: spam rsrsrsrsrsr, but make sure to end the spam with r.

Blessing of Protection [W]

Protect target ally for 8 seconds reducing all damage taken by 25%. Any damage taken that would kill the target, will instead grant them a 3 second invulnerability. Can not be cast on other Paladins.

The definition of paladin. This spell alone differentiates between a Godladin and Noobladin. This cannot be overstated enough, but mastering the use of this spell is absolutely vital as a Paladin player. Not only this spell should be used on allies who are about to die, this spell should be used on Warrior during dangerous phases of certain bosses (Ex: Brute Enrage, Druid Bear etc.)

[2] Boss Strategy


Mostly focus on healing, as there isn't a hugely threatening boss skill. Along with Ice Mage, hug the boss and dps. Use Divine Fury to sustain your mana (three melee hits enable you to use one heal). Coordinate your Righteous Strike with Flameburst and in case two flamebursts are casted in succession, use Divine Shield.
If you see a noob mage or Warlock that doesn't move away from Flameburst / Hellfire, use Blessing on them.
After boss infinity, use blessing on Rogue or Ice Mage for them to finish if the boss is on low HP and party's invulnerability isn't off cooldown.

For this fight, you shouldn't need to buy a mana potion.


Don't bother meleeing this boss, you have far more important things to do.  

Heal, heal and heal more. Use Blessing on any allies who've been hit by Tornado Call twice in a row. The most dangerous timing comes right after Water boss uses her infinity and Tornado Call right after. After her infinity, make sure to stay at 12 O'clock and be prepared to immediately use Blessing if anyone gets hit by Tornado.

Note: If Ice Mage shield is active on the target, Blessing does not proc on Tornado Call.

You should only need 1 mana potion for this fight.


Paladin plays a crucial role during this fight. Whenever Warrior has his Invulnerability on cooldown, use Blessing on him immediately (For example, after Pummel or Barrage). Not only does this save Warrior from any killing blows, it also greatly reduces damage taken from Melee. Do not be stingy on using this spell just because Warrior has plenty of health.

Make sure to save this spell for Brute's enrage state and use it immediately on Warrior once the boss enters it.

If you see any players who are far from the portal at the start of Boss's infinity, use Taunt to save them.


Before the fight starts, remind the party to have you Bless them if their invulnerability is on cooldown during the infinity.

As soon as the fight starts, hit the 5 O'clock pillar with X and start roaming around the map for healing. Make sure to keep a good amount of distance from all players. During the pillar phase, if Warrior's taunt is on cooldown, use taunt in his place to combust the pillars.

If you were able to obtain surrender, use it around at 300 mana to increase the party's survival chance. Remember to use blessing on whoever doesn't have their invulnerability up during infinity.

When Zephire enters normal form, use Blessing on Warrior and continuously heal.


There isn't a too threatening skill for Druid's normal form except Arjuna, so focus mostly on healing.

There are situations where Rogues get beaten to death during the transition to Bear form if Warrior misses his taunt. Taunt quickly in his place to save that poor Rogue, and you will be heralded as a Godladin. As Bear's melee hurts a lot and since Oblivion/Inferno should be used during bear form, always remember to cast Blessing on the Warrior.

During the bird form, many situations occur where party members die from falling bird because they could not cast invulnerability from Vera's silence. Keep an eye out for who's been silenced and cast Blessing on them if a bird is falling down to their location.

When Druid hits enrage state, he starts transforming in between forms quickly in succession. Most players die during Bird>>Bear transition, so always be ready to use taunt and blessing as soon as those transitions occur.


Maintaining party member's HP is the key to this fight, as true damaging spells are prioritized to players with lowest HP. Heal, heal and heal more.
Rogues are especially vulnerable during fight, so if Rogue's invulnerability is on cooldown during Judgement / Enlightment, immediately use Blessing on him.
Also, if you see any ally about to get hit by Willing Sacrifice and their invulnerability is down, use Blessing on them as well.
Aside from that, heal, heal, heal and heal.


Sustaining mana with Divine Fury is essential during this fight as this boss has many mechanics for draining your mana.

Assist others in taking out trolls with Righteous Strike.

If an ally is Frozen and Blizzard Nova is casted, use Blessing on the frozen ally (It's possible that the ally gets hit by Blizzard Nova as soon as Frozen is broken).

If you see Warrior getting ganged up by bunch of Wolves, don't pretend you didn't see him and use Blessing on him.

Make sure to have plenty of mana replenishing items for this fight. Normally you need 5 mana potions, Mana Tide and/or Replenishment Scroll


Shadow boss has many skills that depletes your HP quickly. This means another Heal-bot round for you.
Use blessing on anyone who can't move away from Devour in time.
If you have surrender, use it around 300~400 boss energy and use Righteous Strike whenever it comes back from cooldown.


This boss has many one-shot moves, meaning this is your time to shine.
If Rogue is hugging the boss and boss uses Spirit Force, use Blessing on the rogue immediately.
In any other cases, Ideally the owl should be DPSed down by the mages. If this isn't possible, use Blessing on whoever the owl is following.

Note: If Ice Mage shield is active on the target, Blessing does not proc on Spirit Force.

Hidden Nova starts diagonally from where the boss is. If you see any players standing there, just use Blessing immediately (and slap them).

Uprooted Ancient boss does a lot of melee damage, so focus on using your Blessing on Warrior or on Mages standing in the center of Ancient Blast (Mages' invulnerability is short, so they can't survive Ancient Blast if they're hit in the center even if they use D)

Use Righteous Strike and Taunt on Owls during infinity. Use surrender whenever the cooldown comes back.


l46kok: WILL WE EVER GET HERE? I guess I will translate the following if we ever beat moderate.

피깍아먹는 스킬도많고 한방스킬도 많은 대단히 위협적인 보스판데... 팔라딘이 오래살아남아야 클리어할 가능성이 높아집니다
힐을 열심히 돌리다가 말레디 칸이늦다싶으면 축복을 걸어주시고 x는 쿨마다 박아줍시다
보스 400마나에 샙, 이후 250마나에 서렌, 샙이뮨 확인후 샙, 서렌을 반복해서 레지초기화를 막아야합니다
판데에서 팔라딘은 센디나를 담당하는데 4000체력을 웃도는 팔라딘에게 디나구슬은 정말 위협적입니다
체력포션이나 리플을 꼭꼭사가서 챙겨먹을수 있도록 합시다
판데보스는 스킬피하는 방법과 무적타이밍 등을 클리어영상을 통해 익혀두는게 필수적입니다
-웨이워드 피하는방법, 궁평타 피하는방법등을 미리 익혀두세요
프리스트가 죽은상황에 리메디나 메타가없다면 빠르게 희생을 써주셔야합니다 rsrsrsrsr
마나포션5 에너지샙3장 체포5or리플 2정수를 꼭꼭챙겨가세요

[3] Other Tips

*Zero Cooldown Blessing

If you cast Blessing on an ally walking away from you and that ally happens to be outside the range of Blessing as soon as the effect takes in place, the cooldown on Blessing of Protection does not proc.
A relatively hard skill to master, but extremely handy.

*Mana management techniques

Whenever you are missing 300 mana, drink your mana potion. The cooldown on these potions are very long. If you still lack mana, use Divine Fury actively.

*Ice shield prevents Blessing proc on certain spells

One-shot killing spells such as Tornado Call and Spirit Force prevents Blessing proc when Ice Shield is present on the target.

Spells that does continuous damage (Hidden nova, ancient nova, malady etc.) still procs Blessing even if Ice Shield is present.

[4] Recommended Item Setup

The following is an example on recommended item, equipment and karma purchases. It should be obvious that due to the nature of Item RNG, boss ranks, token success etc., you should adapt your purchases to the situation.

By the time you reach Demon, your inventory should look something like this:

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[Guide] Paladin (M+)
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