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 Tentaitive Fate another III 1.2 Patchlog

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Fate Another Developer

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PostSubject: Tentaitive Fate another III 1.2 Patchlog   Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:57 am

Release Date TBA
Fate / Another III Ver 1.2 Patch Note

System Changes
  • Model selection system has been added (Saber, Saber Alter, Archer)
  • You are now able to select a servant by entering a chat command.
  • Practice commands can now be entered in English as well:
    -nc (No cooldown)
    -cc (Reset Combo Cooldown)
    -lv (Set hero level)
    -cs (Command Seals)
Terrain/Model/Effect Changes
  • A second model has been added for Saber, Saber Alter and Archer.
  • Screen color will momentarily turn into red while using Caster (4th)'s combo "Blood Bath"
  • Tournament Aura has been deleted for Deathmatch winners.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Saber (Extra)'s combo would no longer be available if Saber (Extra) dies during the cast of combo.
  • Fixed a text error in Saber (Extra)'s attribute.
  • Fixed an issue with Saber (Extra)'s and True Assassin's combo text being displayed too far down in the screen.
  • Fixed an issue of A rank scroll's visual effect persisting in game.
Balance Changes
  • Saber (Extra) 
    - Excalibur Galatin's global cooldown has been reduced from 40 seconds to 10 seconds.
    - Global cooldown is removed upon learning Excalibur Galatin Improvement attribute.
    - Sun of Galatin's stun bonus from Knighthood attribute now applies in both day and night.
    - Strike of honor's cast time has been reduced from 0.9 to 0.7 seconds.
  • Caster (Extra)
    - Bounty is rewarded on destroying territory (300 to 400 gold).

  • True Assassin
    - The time of day will be switched to night upon actually using the combo instead of inputting the combo activation commands (W->Q)
    - Delusional illusion's condition for dummy creation has been changed to the following:
           *Original: Enemies enter within 800 range with respect to True Assassin's current position.
           *Revised: Enemies exist within 800 range from True Assassin.
      3 second cooldown per enemy constraint is retained.

  • Caster (4th)
    - Attribute "Mental Pollution" has been removed.
    - Prelati's Spellbook spell "Mana Recharge" has been removed.

    - Corpse Explosion's damage has been reduced from 200/250/300/350/400 to 150/200/250/300/350.
    - Corpse Explosion's range has been reduced from 500 to 400.
    - Duration of Corpse Explosion's DOT applied upon learning Contamination attribute has been reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.
    - Venom's damage from demons have been reduced from 35/42/49/56/63 to 20/27/34/41/48.
    - Duration of Blood cloud created from Territory Explosion has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    - Duration of DOT applied from Blood Cloud has been reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
    - Nebulous Call's cast time has been increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.

    - Following changes has been made for Territory Improvement attribute: Removed +10% magic resistance bonus applied to territory, territory explosion bonus damage increased from +200 to +300, increased duration of blood cloud has been adjusted from 7 seconds to 5 seconds, DOT percentage increment has been reduced from 3%->6% to 3%->4%.

    - Removed the creature HP regen bonus applied from Prelati's Spellbook - Demonic Creature of the Ocean Depths attribute. Reduced the cost of attribute from 19 to 18.

    - Increased the base mana regen rate of Prelati's Spellbook from 12 to 15.

    - Corpse Explosion is now castable on live demons. The demons under the effect of corpse explosion will receive a +50 movement speed bonus for 2 seconds which will explode on time expire, dealing damage equivalent to the corpse explosion damage. (Demons will grow larger for 2 seconds before exploding). Explosion damage will not take in place if demons are killed before exploding.

    - New spell has been added for Prelati's Spellbook:

    Emberstorm (Mana 600, Hotkey: Q)
    Conjures a powerful flame dealing heavy damage to nearby enemies.
    Skill Classification : Black Magic
    Cast Time : 0.75 Seconds
    AOE : 250
    Cooldown : 35 Seconds

    ※Ability per Level
    Level 1 - 150 Damage, Stuns for 0.2 seconds
    Level 2 - 200 Damage, Stuns for 0.8 seconds
    Level 3 - 250 Damage, Stuns for 0.6 seconds
    Level 4 - 300 Damage, Stuns for 0.4 seconds
    Level 5 - 350 Damage, Stuns for 1.0 seconds

    - New attribute has been added

    Prelati's Spellbook - Emberstorm Improvement (Required Stat Points: 17)

    Increases the damage of Emberstorm by 150, and applies a curse which lasts for 5 seconds to affected enemies (Dark Incineration). The total amount of damage taken by enemies since the curse began is redealt after 5 seconds.

    Ex: If an enemy took 3000 damage from Bell+Excal with the curse in effect, the enemy will take 3000 magical damage after 5 seconds. (Does not work on Anti-Magic Potion).

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PostSubject: Re: Tentaitive Fate another III 1.2 Patchlog   Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:48 pm

Translate by me with google translate but more or less you can get an idea of the changes

System Changes
Skins added for saber/ds/archer;
English commands for practice mode.
-lv for levels
one is for no cds another for unlimited spam and another just for cd reset if i'm not wrong.
Terrain/Model/Effect Changes
Added second model for ds that can be selected.
Added effects to set the screen red on cast for someone combo probably ec one.
Bug Fixes
If gawain die after casting combo the combo still goes on.
Gawain tooltips fixed.
Changed the position of the text for ta/gawain combo.
Balance Changes
Gawain (Extra)
- The silence after casting Excalibur is reduced from 40 to 10.
- If u take Exca attri that silence is removed.
- Changed an attri bonus probably the first one let use heal on night to now.
- E (i think otherwise is w) cast time reduced to 0,7 instead of 0,9sec.
Caster (Extra)
- Killing castle give 300-400 gold.

-W->Q more responsive so combo should trigger immediatly instead to have w overlap q so you couldn't activate combo if u did that too fast.
-Ta combo now you don't have to go out from 800 range and go back to have the second zab on an hero that was already hit now you can just stay in the range.

Zero Caster
- Mental pollution removed.
- W->Q removed and replaced with Emberstorm (explain ahead)

- Corpse explosion damage reduced from 200/250/300/350/400 to 150/200/250/300/350.
- Corpse explosion aoe reduced from 500 to 400.
- Corpse explosion dot (when you get attribute) duration reduced to 5 sec instead of 6.
- Dunno what but the poison damage from something is reduce from 35/42/49/56/63 to 20/27/35/42/49.
- Castle explosion mist last 3 sec instead of 5.
- Castle poison dot duration reduced to 5 sec from 7.
- Creature summon cast time increased to 3 sec instead of 2.

- Castle Explosion when you get attri does +300 dmg instead of 200 but the mist will do 4% of theirs hp instead of the 6%(without attri 3%).

- Creature attri cost reduced to 18 from 19 but the extra hp reg bonus is removed (no more +50hp reg).

- Manabook mana reg increased to 15 from 12 per sec.

- New skills added to mana book.

-Some other changes to E can´t understand it maybe the e corpes launch is faster.

Embers of Hell : Emberstorm (Mana 600, Hotkey : Q)
Enemies around the caster get hit by a strong flame attack .
Skill Type: black magic
Cast time : 0.75 seconds
Range: 250
Cooldown: 35 seconds

※ capacity per level
Level 1-150 damage , stun 0.2 seconds
Level 2-200 damage , stun 0.4 seconds
Level 3-250 damage , stun 0.6 seconds
Level 4-300 damage , stun 0.8 seconds
Level 5-350 damage , stun 1.0 seconds

New attri cost 17 sp can t understand it either related to the new skill i think anyway i will find someone to translate it better XD.
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Fate Another Developer

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PostSubject: Re: Tentaitive Fate another III 1.2 Patchlog   Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:30 am

Since I'm feeling generous, I've taken the liberty of translating the patchnote.
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PostSubject: Re: Tentaitive Fate another III 1.2 Patchlog   Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:45 pm

ur welcome
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PostSubject: Re: Tentaitive Fate another III 1.2 Patchlog   

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Tentaitive Fate another III 1.2 Patchlog
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