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 Rider Extra skils

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PostSubject: Rider Extra skils   Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:01 pm

Hi, since they have already decided how the next heroes will be i will post the translations (thx to laruku for this ><) of the heroes that they want add in f/a III  (no they won't come out at same time obviosly first one is iskander but his skills are already translated somewhere)
So here Rider extra (Pirate Drake argh! don't ask me why is a girl) (P.s. too lazy to add the icons image)
Rider Extra

AKA. Gangplank ll

Edit: Captain Drake. Another female genderbending as a male but having lesbian interaction with queen elizabeth 1 god thats fucking hot.

Strength D
Agility: B
Int: E
Luck: EX
Nob Fan: A++

Dmg: 30-38
range: 600
hp: 1200
Hp regen: 2 per sec
mana :1000
mp regen: 1 per sec
Armor type :Hide armor
Armor: 2
Magic resist 5%
AS : 1.2
Crit: 20%
Dodge 35%
Sight (day) : 1400
sight (night): 1100

Str per lvl: 0.9
Agi per lvl: 1.5
Int per lvl: 0.6

Comments: I don't know how he compares to other characters in base stats and per lvl. Give some input if you know.

Passive(?) - Reduce spell dmg by 5% (I guess it already refers to his base MR, or is it a bonus?)
Support Skill (D or F thing)
1st skill (Butt pirate)
:Passive - Allies within 600 range gets 10% as ms increase
:Active - Allies w 1200 range gets 20% as ms increase
:Duration 10sec

Comments: Kind of shit compared to attirubte passive on some characters or skill like saber. But what can you expect from a d or f skill. U can't complain about the ms tho.

Main skill:

Eranda sol ponendo: mp 100, cd 10
Rank : D
:Shoots target for 130 dmg then after 0.3 sec shoots for 130 again
Special- steals item and gold from target (scales with lvl)
-[skill lvl x 5] % increase change of double attack ( I guess it refers to auto attack)
Target: single
Range: 700
Cast Time- Instant
Dmg 130 + 130
Mana cost: 100
Cd : 10sec

Lv 1- dmg 130+ 130,  180 gold , 3% item steal chance
Lv 2- 160 x 2 , 210 gold, 6%
Lv 3 - 190 x 2 + 240 gold, 9%
Lv 4 - 220 x 2 + 270 gold , 12%
Lv 5 - 250 x 2 , 300 gold, 15%

Comments: Parley copy. Pretty much Ta's E cept 100 x better cause its Q and not to mention Ta e fucking sucks anyway.

200 mp , cd 30
Get his ship to fire
Skill type -> I forgot the specific word used in fate skills, those anti army things.
Rank : C
Desc : After 2 sec , 300 Dmg and 1 sec stun cannon shot
Aoe: 200
Range: 700
Cast time - instant
If his ship is already summoned (additional 300dmg)

Lvl 1 -> 300 dmg 1 sec stun after 2 sec
-> 400 dmg 1 sec stun
->500 dmg
-> 600
-> 700

Can be 1000 dmg.

Thoughts-> May have difficulty hitting if it lands after 2 sec considering small aoe. Has strong dmg for a W skill tho nerfed by long cd.

Culverin Cannon (mana 400, cd 30)

Rank: B+
Descip: Gangplank ll shoots his cannon.
Target : single
Range:  600
Cast Time:  1.25 sec
Conditions-> If the ship is already summoned and within 500 range of rider, the ship casts the same thing

Lvl 1 -> 40x 8, each shot has 0.1 sec stun.
-> 50x 8
-> 60x8
-> 80x 8
-> 100 x 8

Comments: Its kind of shit without the ship's double dmg (which is strong as fuck 1600) considering the cast time and the single target dmg but makes up for the stun that can create follow up plays and  also the bonus effects from attribute.
Pretty much lancer's e if u read up on the attribute.
You can probably heal through it despite the stun, since its dot.

Golden Hinde (800 mana , cd 60sec)
Its his boat, machine type, 1200 hp, 10 armor, 330ms
Rank: A+
Target-> himself
Cast time-> 1 sec
Duration-> 12 sec

Lvl 1-> 1200 hp , 10 armor, 330ms
-> 1400, 15, 335
-> 1600, 20, 340
-> 1800, 25, 345
-> 2000, 30, 350

Comments: Duration 12 sec is shit but I take it they don't want another fz caster monster running around.

Golden Hinde's skills

1. Gangplank rides his boat
He controls his boat

Range 300
Cast time -> 1 sec

Lv 1-> costs 800 mana, 12 sec cd
-> 700, 9
-> 600, 6
-> 500, 3
-> 400, 0.1

2. Culverin Cannon (400 mana, cd 60)
Special Condition -> Only fires if Rider is riding or near him I guess assuming the description on E is correct above, which doesn't say but makes no sense)

Mana -> 600 (400 or 600?)

Same scaling as Gangplank's E.

3. Golden Wild Hunt (Mana 1200, cd 60)
Fires all his cannons for 2 sec adds slow and stuff
Rank: A+
Skill Type-> Forgot the word, anti army?
Range: 1500
Target: Aoe
Range -> 275
Dmg: 60x 12
Cast Time: 1.75 sec
Durtion: 2 sec

Lv 1-> within 550 range, fires 12 cannons, each with 10% slow. 60 dmg , and 0.1 sec stun
-> 15%,70dmg 0.1
-> 20%, 80, 0.1
-> 25%, 90,0.1
-> 30%, 100, 0.1

Comments: Not sure how it's going to play out with 12 sec duration on the ship with my big dick long cooldown on the abilities (60 sec). Will command seal refresh the cd?
Brings lots of substandard dmg at huge costs of mana (wtf is 1200)
End of R skills

Butt pirate ll
Summons lots of boats on fire and they charge
Cast time : 3 sec
Cd: 180 sec

Descrip -> 20 boats and they each deal 500 dmg, in a straight line
Aoe-> 1500 length, 800 width
Special Condition->Gangplank must be on the boat (casts after 3 sec)

Comments: Doesn't say how fast the ships travel. Possible 10k dmg but I still think its shit compared to other skills going in line considering this is suppose to be combo too.

Servant Attribute:
1. I'm a pirate
Cost: 15sp
Can dodge ranged target skills with 15% chance, and can live with 1 hp any attack that will kill him.
Cd 60 sec

Thoughts: shittier mix of lancer and ta.

2.He has a boat and its gold.
Cost : 17sp
His boat gets buffed
Increase hp by 500, MR 10%, and increase 3 duration by 3 sec

Thoughts: Standard buff but way too costly for its price compared to other buffs e.g castles and demon thing. Makes no sense to get it since the cooldowns on the abilities are super long and wtf is 15 sec on boat going to do.

3. Gay pirate diaries/log
Cost: 12sp
Gains sight of the path his boat has sailed for 3 sec
Day/night: 1000/800

Thoughts: Waste of sp. Shittier version of lancer's Q A.

4. Hemmorrhoids
Cost: 15sp
Applies internal and external anal bleeding dealing 50dmg for 10 sec (for killing off red pots) to those hit by Culverin cannon
and Golden wild hunt. (His E, and both his boat's skills).
Then it infects like STIs those near within 300 range of the target(s).
Also leaves fire in the explosion site for the extra burning sensation that deals 3% maximum hp dmg per sec lasting for 10 sec.

Thoughts: One of the better attributes along with plundering.

5. Golden Rule: Plundering
Cost: 12sp
Gets stronger the more gold he has.
Every 1000 increases 10 dmg and 5 agi of Gangplank.
Gains 1.5x gold for kill and assists.
Gains gold equal to 1/2 dmg dealt.

Thoughts: 1.5x gold is same as Gilg. The clincher is the gold equal to 1/2dmg dealt,
it's broken as fuck if it applies to skills, and shit if it applies to melee. It plays along very well with the 1000 per gold since by itself it would be shit (20 30 dmg, 10-15 agi, who gives a fuck, but if you hog all the gold then ur fucking broken 160 + dmg and 80 agi).

Attributes usually follow increase in dmg to some abilities but not here.

End thought: Money in the bank, seems pretty fun. Refreshing from the total burst champion pool we have going on. Broken ffa character for sure.
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Rider Extra skils
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