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 thf items !!!

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PostSubject: thf items !!!   Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:50 am

Here a list of the recipes  for items in thf i'm too lazy to check what the items does but you can guess the effects anyway.

Stats items shop (Si)
1r Red Crystal     Green Crystal    Blue Crystal  Cute shoes
2r Red Ring         Green Ring        Blue ring       Bear Paw
3r Red essence    Blue Essense     More cute shoes {Cute shoes(Si)+MultiCrystal(Sip2)}


1r Red Gem       Green Gem   Blue gem      MultyCrystal{(RedCrystal(Si)+Green Crys(Si)+BlueCrystal(Si))}
2r Red Heart{2xRed Gem(Sip2)}  Green Heart{2xGreen Gem(Sip2)} Blue Heart{2xBlue Gem(Sip2)} Huge Crystal {2xMultyCrystal(Sip2)}

3r Big Red Essense(2xRed essence(Si)+Recipe cost) Big Blue essense (2xBlue essense(Si)+Recipe cost)}
   Cute Teleport Shoes {Cute shoes(Si)+Recipe cost}

Clothes Shop (Cs)
1r Ribbons        Blacky           Reddy              RemUmbrella     (all armor items)
2r Cute Dress    Gold charm
3r Red star     Green star   Purple Star

1r MarioStar{Reddy(Cs)+Huge Crystal (SiP2)+Big Red Essence(Sip2)+Recipe cost)
   ShinyDress{Ribbons(Cs)+Blacky(Cs)+Bear Paw(Cs)+GreenCrown(CsP2)+Recipe}
   Remilia hat{Blacky(Cs)+Reddy(Cs)+YellowCrown(CsP2)}
   PhoenixWing{RemUmbrella(Cs)+HugeCrystal (SiP2)+2xGold Charm(Cs)}
2r Cirno Crystal{Ribbons(Cs)+Blacky(Cs)+HugeCrystal(SiP2)+Purple Star(Cs)}
   FlandreWing{RemiliaHat(CsP2)+Red Star(Cs)+Recipe)}
   Kobrella{RemUmbrella(Cs)+Cute Dress(Cs)+Recipe}
3r  YellowCrown(Red ring(Si)+Red Gem(SiP2)+Recipe}
    GreenCrown(Green ring(Si)+Green Gem(SiP2)+Recipe}
    BlueCrown(Blue ring(Si)+Blue Gem(SiP2)+Recipe}

WeaponShop (Ws)

1r Sword      RuleBreaker    FrozenSword  FlameSword
2r BlueStaff   PurpleStaff   Mana Staff  Yukuri(something*3 + recipe)
3r Sake{2xRed heart(SiP2)+Recipe}
  AyaLeaf{2xGreen heart(SiP2)+Recipe}
  PurpleHeart{2xBlue heart(SiP2)+Recipe}

1r Ice Staff{Blue Gem(SiP2)+PurpleStaff(Ws)}
   ManaSphere{Blue Gem(SiP2)+BlueStaff(Ws)}
   Dagger{Sword(Ws)+Rb(Ws)+Green Gem(SiP2)}
   Shine{FronzenSword(Ws)+FlameSword(Ws)+Red Gem(SiP2)}
2r IceCream{ManaStaff*2(Ws)+Blue Gem(SiP2)}
   PinkSword{2xDagger(WsP2)+Bear Paw(Si)+Recipe}
3r GreenSword{?+?+Recipe}
   BlueSword{Blue Heart(SiP2)+Blue Crown(CsP2)+Recipe+FronzeSword(Ws)}
   Tenshird{IceCream(WsP2)+Flame Sword(Ws)+Recipe+GreenGem(SiP2)}

There is another shop in the middle of map but too lazy to check (i need at least one at base too see items :/)
To change items name you can ask me but i won't ensure that XD.
If u find the missing items for Yukuri and The blue Sword tell me.
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PostSubject: Re: thf items !!!   Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:32 am

Whats thf Surprised
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thf items !!!
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