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 Troll Fate Stay Night Guide

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PostSubject: Troll Fate Stay Night Guide   Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:52 am

Some things are still unknown since the map is in Chinese.
Even after Master dies Archer class can remain but can no longer win the Grail War.
--Command Seals(D)--
--Church Upgrades--
--Item Shops--
--Grail Item--

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PostSubject: Re: Troll Fate Stay Night Guide   Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:56 am

You did good job on making this guide. There is some things that i found:

Quote :
Sakura Matou
Corruption?(W) Deals damage to selected unit when they use a spell? Slows the target.
That's right. Deals around 50-100 damage for every spell.

Quote :
Quote :
Adds magic damage to each attack of Archer.
-2nd cast transforms swords into Overedge.
-Can be used 3 times maximum (30/60/100 bonus damage).
Can be used for attacking civilians with magic damage
Deals 2 magical strikes(100+100 at max)+basic hero damage per attack.
Quote :
Broken Phantasm(E)
Deals damage in the target AoE.
Only available within farsight duration.
Has the minimum cast range.

Quote :
Quote :
Allows Assassin to split into 17 more heroes.
Spawned(or main) assasin can be absorbed to gain 1 live back and part of clone's health and mana(probably it's (difference between health of cured unit and absorbed unit)/2. so it's can heal you and damage if health of absorbed unit lower than yours) by attacking any other assasin.

Quote :
Quote :
Increases attack of all units nearby.
Increases attack of all units nearby by 5%+5% for each stack(1-2 stacks gained by killing enemy servants(?)) in 800 +100 x stacks range
Quote :
Increases damage of units by 30% and something else.
Taunts nearby enemies within 800 + 100 x stacks from charisma and with 30% chance blocks the enemy attacks.
Quote :
Turns time into 12:00 and gives Rider true sight for 20 seconds.
Besides gives bonus ms, as, health regeneration and reduce the enemy as, ms.
Quote :
2.4-Improves Chariot(E)
Gives bonus 75 damage on each charge and probably increasing the duration.

Quote :
Quote :
Mana Shroud
Regens mana based on max mana every 2 seconds.
Besides gives 5 armor.
Quote :
Deals 4xStr and stuns for 1 second.
Gives 1-1.5sec invulnerability.(same for saber)
Quote :
1.3-Improves Mana Burst(G) and gives her additional Max Mana for awhile after using it.
Gives additional 10 int and 10 armor after Mana burst using.
Quote :
Dark Excalibur(W)
Deals 5xStr and stuns for 1 second?
Quote :
Saber Class
Gives 25% MR, 50% something and 10% evasion?
Quote :
1.2-Improves Calibur(E)
Gives 2 bonus int for every 15%(?) of missing health.

Quote :
True Assassin(5th)
Quote :
3.3-Throw Daggers Improved.
Improves daggers given by (f) spell by 1(it is possible to make 11 stacks instead of 10)
Quote :
3.2-Zab Improved.
Heart starts to die with the first blow

Quote :
Quote :
1.2-Turns Creature Summon(E) into Demon summon that teleports are demons on map to the location.
Teleports demons within 400 range from a caster.

That's all for now. I'll edit my post if i find something new.
P.s: Change violet color to more readable please.
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Troll Fate Stay Night Guide
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