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 Manga Madness v1.0

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PostSubject: Manga Madness v1.0   Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:21 pm

Manga Madness v.1.0

Map Description
Revival Of Shonen Wars project, featuring new terrain, items, heroes, revamps, systems and modes. You can play as your favorite characters and fight against your friends or with them. Beta phase will have fewer heroes to try, but more will come soon, along with items.

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Game Modes
-SM (Short Mode)
-USM (Ultra Short Mode)
-DM, -DM5 (Death Match, number indicates Lives)
-ID (Item Drop)
-AR (All Random)

-MS (Movement Speed)
-MA (Matchup)
-Music On / -Music Off (Starts Song for all players)
-Cam High / -Cam reset (Resets camera or sets it higher)
-Unstuck (Unstucks hero from spot where he can't move)
-Smuggler (Points smugglers hideouts)
-Clear (Clears all texts from the screen)
-CS (Displays your creep kills and denies)
-Repick (Repicks hero after randoming one at AR)

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Manga Madness v1.0
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