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 little text mistake

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PostSubject: little text mistake   Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:28 pm

when you are in menu to lvl up skill for caliburn say (damage,% aoe damage) instead of (damage,% ms reduction)
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PostSubject: Re: little text mistake   Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:20 pm

as far as i know simo, it's suppose to be damage/aoe damage/ms reduce

there's tons of those little text mistakes, most are just spelling for certain descriptions of spells

though only one that needed to be fixed/addressed are the ones that give accurate information about a skill,

of course, if you want a perfect game, you need to fix all errors,

there's some addition info for each skill that have error's in them or that don't make sense

here's an example (these are copy pasted descriptions from the game)

Gilgamesh EA:The Triblade segments of ea begin to rotate, acting in
concert iwth the movement of the heaven's, compressing and accelerating wind
pressure into a storm of wind and light

lancer Gae Bolg:A cursed lance that is known to have to reverse the nature
of causality to strike a fatal blow to the opponent’s heart. Has 7% chance to
deal doubl e damage.
Lancelot Arondight: A holy sword wielded by Lancelot. A limitless sword capable of receiving any attack without taking damage that shines ush like the water of the Lake.

not sure if this is make sense or not cuz my english isn't the best

false assassin 2nd spell: Prevent decrease in the effectiveness of a technique, regardless how many times it is used against the same opponent

if anything, you have to check all the skills, but some of them aren't translated for example, Lancer's runes, Gilgamesh maro so I'll wait till then before we go upon correcting tool tip errors
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PostSubject: Re: little text mistake   Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:14 pm

Also Avenger has tooltip error that says he gains mana regen based on his max mana when using Q.
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PostSubject: Re: little text mistake   

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little text mistake
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