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 Style of 3vs3 Tournament

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PostSubject: Style of 3vs3 Tournament   Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:02 pm

The purpose of this thread is to explain the swiss rule tournament style of the 3v3 tournament.

We decided to use such a style for 2 major reasons:

- We have a very tight schedule, as in this tournament will be over starting in march

- We wanted weaker teams to be not eliminated right at the start, have a solid chance of winning games and be matched up with teams of similar strength

For detailed information how the swiss tournament style works, see the wikipedia article:

Basically there will be played 3-4 rounds depending on the number of teams that sign up.
For the first round we will assign the matchups based on a provisional list of estimated strength of the teams made by ourselves.
The second round matchup will be determined by result of the first match.

The mode will be either bo1 or bo2 depending on the amount of teams signing up.

Note that regardeless of the used mode the balance of score in each match counts! These will be used as tie breakers to determine ranking.

If there is an uneven number of teams, the leftover team will receive a bye for their round. They will score a point without having to play. This will be randomized.

Assuming that there will be 8 teams the matchup will be the following (if there are more than 8 teams the matchups will be altered accordingly):

round 1
1 plays 5
2 plays 6
3 plays 7
4 plays 8

round 2
1 plays 3
2 plays 4
5 plays 7
6 plays 8

After two rounds, the standings are:
1: 2-0
2: 2-0
3: 1-1
4: 1-1
5: 1-1
6: 1-1
7: 0-2
8: 0-2
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Style of 3vs3 Tournament
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