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 Team B Recruitment Info

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PostSubject: Team B Recruitment Info   Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:50 am

Ok so now that I know that there's actually a handful number of people who wants to join, I will form a new Team B.

Before joining Team B, make sure to read this post first to determine if joining the team is the right thing for you.

Requirements for joining the team are simple:

  • You are in Clan UFW (If you aren't in the Clan, wtf have you been waiting for? join the best clan of the century already, noob)
  • You know at least the basics of the game. (Know what all items and skill does)

Then, send me a PM (Private Message) and let me know of your free time between January 27th to February 5th. I will hold a meeting which all Team B prospective members will be required to meet. It will probably be held on either Saturday or Sunday.

When you send me your time, MAKE SURE TO TELL ME WHAT TIMEZONE YOU LIVE ON VIA THE FORMAT OF GMT+HOUR (OR ANY US STANDARD TIME, SUCH AS PST,MST). If you don't know wtf that is, use world clock and tell me the time based on Denver. Make sure to check if the date is correct too.
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Team B Recruitment Info
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