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 Expectations of Clan UFW on you and what you can expect from Clan UFW

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PostSubject: Expectations of Clan UFW on you and what you can expect from Clan UFW   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:03 am

I should've written this post a while ago but better late than never. On top of reading the clan rules, Everyone who intends to join Clan UFW or members already in the clan should read this post.

Clan UFW is for you if:

  • You love Fate/Stay Night series and/or you love the custom map Fate/Another on Warcraft III
  • You actually want to get better, or maybe even get real good at this game
  • You want to be involved in one of the largest English-Speaking community of Fate/Another
  • You want to have fun playing this map

Clan UFW is NOT for you if:

  • You want to just join for screwing around
  • You don't want to show any efforts to improve in this game at all and you can't stand taking any pointers from other players who have played this game long before you.
  • You have zero-tolerance against any players who may bad-mouth you for whatever reason.
  • You are ill-mannered and can't respect other players

Having that said, I will get into several details about what the community of Clan UFW will expect from you in general.

1. Have Fun

Whether you play this game casually just enjoying the aspects of how the map simulates an experience like Fate/Stay Night or you play this really competitively to become the best out of all, our end-goal is all the same - we are here to have fun. If you weren't having fun, you obviously wouldn't be playing this game but this is important to recognize as you are not the only one to have fun. You have to respect the others and cooperate as much as you can to let the others have fun as well. Having that said, this brings me to my next important point....

2. Get better

Our philosophy is more you get better at this game, more fun the game experience becomes for you. So you probably want to get better to enjoy the game even more. There are many hidden tactics and advanced techniques which you have yet to discover and even for veteran players like myself, there are many more strategies out there which can be learned to further enhance the gameplay. On the other hand, you have a responsibility of getting better. That's right, it's entirely your fault for sucking and you need to take responsibility for it. You really cannot and should not defend yourself for sucking at the game. If this game was centralized on 1v1, we wouldn't care if you suck or not but this is in fact a team game. One person not knowing wtf he or she is doing can ruin the entire team and that person will probably end up pissing off the entire teammates. But we realize that not all of us were born pro and it's natural to suck at this game if you just started playing it. So if you are a newcomer, we would probably be patient enough with you even if you sucked hardcore at this game and try alternative solutions such as balancing the team to our best ability. But we have our limits. If you still suck after playing many games with us, we will start yelling at you and maybe even launch personal attacks against you of "how you didn't get better after playing oh-so-many-games", because we consider this as an indicator of how you don't give a shit about becoming better, meaning that you don't care about ruining our games. I run this clan like an empire and take an "elitist" approach for this reason - it's better for everybody in the end. If by any possibility somebody calls you a noob, you have to take it in and simply try to get better to prove them wrong. You have been warned.

Now for veteran players who are reading this, don't be too harsh on the newcomers. As you guys know, this game has a really steep learning curve and the process of becoming better at this game will widely vary depending on people. Be patient and give them time.

Now here are some things you can expect by joining Clan UFW.

1. You can become significantly better at this game.

As said above, we care a LOT about how players perform in the game but we also provide a lot of help and guidelines to make you improve in the game. You can either join Team B for group training, or you can ask me, our shamans or any of the veteran players in the channel for personal training as well. We are willing to do our best to make you improve as long as you show the desire to improve and you show the effort for it as well. We also play very competitively amongst ourselves and even against one of the best clans in Kalimdor so we are probably one of the best clans in Fate/Another outside Kalimdor if not, the best. Hence, you can expect a great quality games in general.

2. You can be involved with the clan events.

Our clan will run special tournaments and events such as FFA tournament and 3v3 tournament which are exclusively for Clan UFW members. You are awarded with prizes on these, and will be granted titles in channel and given an specialized aura in the game should you be the victor.

3. You can be vocal about the map development or perhaps be involved with it

Most people should now be aware that myself and Squally are the current map developers of Fate/Another. I prioritize opinions from Clan UFW members over non Clan UFW members (Except Bug reports for obvious reasons). While this may seem prejudiced, in most cases I feel that UFW members who are more experienced with the map have a better understanding than non Clan UFW members. Also, it is logistically impossible to cater everyone's voices since everyone is bound to have different opinions so I believe it is very natural to prioritize Clan UFW members' opinion before others. This is something everyone must accept if they would like to contribute to map development in anyway. Also, I recruit testers from time to time for the new upcoming versions and one of the requirements is to be a member of Clan UFW, so keep in mind if I happen to recruit in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact me or any of my shamans and we will do our best to answer them. Thank you for reading and welcome to Clan UFW.

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Expectations of Clan UFW on you and what you can expect from Clan UFW
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