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 Details+Patch log+Mini guide for Capture The Flag Mode. (Incomplete)

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PostSubject: Details+Patch log+Mini guide for Capture The Flag Mode. (Incomplete)   Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:59 am

I actually created this topic in Fate/Another Forumer a long time ago, and kinda drop the guide halfway done, since not alot of people playing CTF anyway.
But I'm going to post it here either way so to have people have a look into it.

Quote :

Since most of us barely even touch the game mode "CTF" (A.K.A Capture The Flag), it has been modified completely without slight notice from any webpage, (except korean maybe).
I'll write down the most latest updates for this game mode from my point of view<<. (because some of the info people mayb already knew it)

-Short info from Wikipedia.
CTF (A.K.A Capture The Flag), is a common gameplay mode and is found in many first- and third-person shooters such as Team Fortress 2, Marathon (video game), Quake, Urban Terror, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, the Halo series, the Call of Duty series, the TimeSplitters series (renamed "Capture The Bag"), and Metroid Prime Hunters. CTF is even in some sports games such as the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series and the racing series Midnight Club. Each team has a flag and the players attempt to take the enemy's flag from their base and bring it back to their own flag to score. CTF is most commonly played in multiplayer games.

-Short note from Me.
CTF game mode is a very tiring mode, because it requires a lot, and I mean A LOT!!!!! of teamwork, and strategics.
Stat points are very limited in this mode too, makes it people have to think twice before even considering what to spend with their stat. (stat can be finished before even 30 minutes of the whole game)
But in CTF mode, player can able to use this mode as a practice mode since the K/D doesn't affect the game score, the player re-spawn time was 2x/3x faster compare to the speed of Arena game mode, and doesn't reset position like death-match does.
Speed is the key to this game mode.

Updates Info
[Date : 15/1/2012]
15 of January, 2012

=Latest CTF playable version (bug-free)
Fate/another II 1.4E real/simple (English/Korean) [I guess]

=Bugged CTF mode version

-Haven't tested any new versions yet. If there's any bug please report it here.

=Details/Rules of Capture the flag Mode
Latest Changes will be colored with this Color

-When right after choosing a hero/servant, the hero/servant's level will be increased to level 12 straight away with 20 stats point given.(meaning you're level will be 12 when after you choosing a servant with 20 stats point given.)
-Because the starting level is immediately raise to level 12, the players will lost 24 stat points, making them have limited/lesser stat points to use for gaining servant's attribute or upgrading stats or using command spells.
[Total Stat point though out the game , (24-12)x4=48 stat point gained by leveling, 20 stat points given by the start of the game, 10 stat points gain by each 10 minute, and 8 stat points gain from God's Help if the player choose the Stat help]
-The Flag that drops from the enemy after got killed will take 20 second before returning to it's original place.
-When a Servant dies, they will be revived/resurrected on their team's beacon(Left team)/base(Right team), resurrection time is set on 15 second.
-The game is now Round based instead of Point based game, When a Team captures the enemy's team flag, the round will be ended. Similar to Death Match, with exp and 3k gold given to the players(only for players whom below 5k gold) when the rounds end.(Basically you have to score a point from taking the enemy flag and back to your base's beacon(the circle from your starting round location), not killing your enemies.)[After round Ends, both team switch sides like Death-Match do, the purpose is to let both sides have the defensive or offensive side on the game, which making the game more balance.]
-When the player's gold/money is below 3000, they will receive 10 gold per second until it reaches or over 3000 gold.(keep in mind that the Gold Income increaser at the upgrade shop is working too just like Arena do.)
-If the player pick their servant though random, every 10 minutes they would take additional 2000 gold instead of only receive 10 stat points and resets 12 command spell points.
-When a player is holding/taken the enemy's flag, their command spell is seal/disabled.
-When Avenger is holding/taken the enemy's flag, Night Transfiguration skill is seal/disabled.
-When a player is holding/taken the enemy's flag, Warp Portal scroll are disabled/Unable to use.
(Didn't check mass warp portal scroll yet)
-When a player is holding/taken the enemy's flag, Speed Gem is disabled & dispelled. (if the player is under Speed Gem's buff)
-The Beacon/Circle has True Sight ability about as large as Blood Fort's AoE.[1000 range] (guessing)
-If the Team flag is not at the original position (right infront of their beacon) they can't score a point even they are holding enemy's Team flag and standing on the Beacon. (this is to avoid rush game which makes the people to avoid fighting and just try to grab the flag and win with the fastest runner only, and it's the basic rules of Capture the Flag game mode on any Game)
[PS: if there is any more changes, please inform me though msn/pm/reply here.]

Small Tips
-Some people likes to pulling the game long because they have overpowered team selection and Huge Level differents from their opponent's team, they would just enjoy killing their enemy without taking care about the flag or winning the game earlier. Which is a very HUGE mistake, if they suddenly get killed by their opponent team "accidentally", they would eventually get overpowered "flying level" increasement, which could turn the match around and loses the game. An example has been approved by some of the players been though all these with me, My team has 20+ kills and 80+ death and My team won the game by killing them one by one and raise our level to 24, which is equaled to our enemy's team. and won the game by using the strategy of (Def and Rush).
-Warding around your flag area sometime isn't enough, you could try sending owls over to your enemy's base unnoticed and plant a ward there, where your allies could use the ward for teleport/portaling over to their base.(could use as a quick attack or quick flag retrieve/defense stragtergy)
-Because Left Team has larger area for their base, you could try warding nearer to the flag area instead of ward around the bridge. this could save alot of cash just to ward around the map. Also, because of that Team Left flag position is a little slightly further away from the beacon compare to Team Right.
-When the game starts. The player are free to choose their skills from 11 skill points, you can try straight away place 7 skill points into stat level, thus giving your character straight away to able to use combo skill on round one.
-Money isn't a big problem in this game since gold keeping popping out non stop into you, share it with people who spam item alot and buy as much wards as possible.

Image / Picture Tips
-Team Starting Position
Team Right Team Left

-Gold increases while doing nothing, when gold is below 3000.

-Flags/Flag position
Team Right Team Left

-Flag Difference

-Team Right Warding Position

-Team Left Warding Position


Servant's Role
Different Servants has their own different role(s), Some of the Servants has multiple roles depends on how the player uses it. I'll list the roles as Attacker - Tanker - Invader - Supporter - Middle - Defender.

Offensive Role.

Attacker (A.K.A Point Taker)
Attacker's role are people who focus on rushing though enemies unnotice/good at avoiding attacks before taking the enemy flags, and has as high movement speed as possible to rush back to their base with the flag before getting killed.
Attacker are mostly focus on movement speed upgrades thus leaving them very less stat points to increase other stats like Strength, So they are most probably has very less health points.(some people likes to take the alternate route other then adding maximum movement speed, they would spend a little stat on strength instead, which thus giving them higher health points to tank damages, sacrificing some movement speed to rush back to their base.)You don't really need much items to play in this role, just focus on buying Speed Gem, B scroll, A scroll, Blue potion, Vitality scroll, Blink scroll, is already enough for them, and you might need some additional income to spam Speed Gem, would be wise to sacrifice some stats for adding Income Increaser so you would get more gold per second.

Invaders are servants who focus on sneaking in or goes directly into enemy base to kills off enemy defensive servants so their ally Attackers able to rush to take the enemy's flag unharm, Most Invaders would stay on enemy's base to prevent the enemy rushing out their base and kills off their Attackers and Defenders, so they will try to stay alive as long as possible when their Attackers taken the enemy's flag. They can also able to keeps off the enemy Attackers to move onto their base to take their flag, or defense their flag by trying to kill the target before it reaches back to their beacon in the enemy's territory.(have to sacrafice for not adding HP to add more damage with servant attributes or use for mass spam command spells.)Need HUGE income to stock items into your inventory, caz you will eventually spam all items to kill any of your targets.

Tanks (A.K.A Decoys),they are the servants who accompany ally Attackers along the way to enemy base, providing sight and take damages for them. They have the highest health points among all possible roles in this game mode. Although they look harmless, but they still do some high damage to most of the servants even without attribute upgrades, and some of the skills would do vital damages to most servants who doesn't have decent health points.
Tanks movement speed can be slow or fast depending on which servant to do this role, however, the most suitable class to be on this role is the Berserker Class. Since they have highest health points and decent movement speed in early games, not to mention late game with stat upgrade.
Tankers can also be Secondary Point Taker, since they have highest health points, decent movement speed and decent magic resistances to begin with, they could just take the flag and slowly run back to their base without worrying about dying to weak attacks from enemy servants.
(The drawback of Tankers is they will be completely useless on defending their base when they were needed in late games, since they don't have much decent killing skills.)Will be needing lots of money, just to keep his inventory, including stash and stock filled with. E.g: Blue potion, Vitality scroll, Blink scroll, B scroll, A scroll, A+ Scroll, and Soul link Scroll, ETC ETC.

Supporters are servants who helps either Attackers/Invaders, the secondary Tank or Invader. They have higher heal points compare to Invader and have more decent skills compare to Tank. They could disturb their enemies by stunning them/slowing them down, or lock their movement so their Attackers could easily run away or the Invaders able to kill them easier, also when their Attacker dies and drop the flag, they could just take the flag and finish of what the Attackers do for their role, or helps the Invaders to finish off their enemies. Supporters doesn't require lots of movement speed because they are not focusing on taking enemy flags. And they can also be helpful when it comes to defense when enemy's Attackers taken their flag, he should able to kills off the target before it reaching back to their beacon if the enemy itself has been severally damaged.C scrolls / S scrolls is your friend, slow your enemy down and stun them to protect or support your teammates.

Middles are a role that act as a secondary Defender around the middle of the map, and tries to find and kill enemy Invaders who tries to sneak in and kill their Defenders. They have higher health points compare to other roles except Tanks and Defenders, moderate health points and movement speed thus having high damage skills, their main role is to find the enemy Attackers who try to sneaks or break into their base and kill them off before reaching their Flag position. Or trying to kill the enemy Attackers before they taken the flag back to their base (or their territory). Sometimes they would stay beside the Flag with the Defenders to increase their defense around the flag area. They also will try to plant as many ward as possible around their flag area/base to prevent enemy Attackers to pass though them. (Because their skills are powerful enough to instant kills off any low health players without any magical protection, they most likely spend more points into adding movement speed to chase down the Attackers or more hp to tank the Invaders Nuke Skills)Same as Supporter, C scrolls / S scrolls is your friend, slow your enemy down and stun them so you could easily chase them down.

The Defenders, their role is to camp beside their Team Flag to avoid being taken by the enemy Attackers. They can be extremely tough OR extremely weak, they could provide supports from far range even thought they are staying right beside the flag. They are the most important players though out the game as they must keep their flag safe on it's original location at all cost, because of this, alot of player would decide to add as much strength and mana regen as possible to get as much health point and mana point as possible to stay alive and guard their flag. Some of them likes to support allies by giving their additional incomes as they barely buy item for themself, while having non-stop income to provide for their ally. And it's a good idea to plant atleast 2 wards at the top and bottom of the flag to avoid being ambushed or let the enemy Attackers to sneak and take the flag unnoticed.(It's a wise decision to hold the flag whom your flag taker died around your area, when your team's flag is taken, it is because you're most probably camp at the base, why not just take the flag and camp while your teammates tries to rush to the enemy base and kill the opponent Attacker/Holder)And since they might want additional income, they could just sacrafice 8 stat points and add it into the income increaser on the upgrade shop [V]

There are more roles that might not discovered yet, or just to keep things as simple as possible. Try and find out different role to suit your own liking is also a way to discovering new roles for the game.

Basic Servant's Build
[PS: i'll only list one build per servant, you shall think about another build for yourself. or create another full guide for servants build, caz this topic is about "Simple Guide", and you don't have to follow my builds, as these are the builds that mostly consider "Fails" or "Weak", or maybe "Strong" too, you could try using the following build with a little mixture of stats playing with yourself though.]
[PS: I'll list down some possible roles on each servant before their build, try and figure it out yourself what kind of build can be created with those roles listed there. Although I might missed out some important roles for them too.]
Quote :
( * ) Depends on player's Choice of upgrades
Quote :
( ^ ) Optional skills/ Stats/ Servant Attributes

Saber(Arturia Pendragon)

Possible Role : Attacker/Invader/Supporter/Middle/Tank
Build :
Quote :
20-40 Stat Points into Movement Speed Upgrade, Charisma Attribute Learned, Improved Instinct Learned, extras into str/int/mana regen
Priority Skills :
Quote :
Avalon, Stat Points
Role : Attacker
-Very fast movement speed*
-Ability to avoid most of the single target spells
-Avalon to blocks any incoming damage for short period of time
-Low health Points*
-Lack damage skills in late game.
-Lack of mana*
[Tips] Can use the riverside at the top or bottom of the map to escape or sneak into the enemy's territory unnoticed.
Countering : Have one defender or Supporter to slow or stop her movement and quickly kills her off with nuke spells after her Avalon used up.
Always ready for her whenever you are, C and S scroll her to slow her down and slowly tip off the kill.

Archer(Emiya Shirou)

Possible Role : Invader/Supporter/Middle/Defender
Build :
Quote :
30-50 Int, Clairvoyance Learned,Broken Phantasm : Hrunting Learned, Overedge Learned^, extras into str/mana regen
Priority Skills :
Quote :
Knife Throw^, Caladbolg II, Hrunting, Unlimited Blade Works*,Stat Points
Role : Supporter/Defender
-Enable to help allies with Far Sight ability from far range
-Enable to help allies to stun the target with Caladbolg II or deal massive damage with Hrunting from far range
-Enable to find hidden enemy servants [True Assassin] from sneaking into their base
-Able to trap or kill enemy servants with his Reality Marble "Unlimited Blade Works"*
-Massively Lack of Health Points
-Completely Useless without Reality Marble "Unlimited Blade Works" or "Overedge" if in close combat
-Lack of movement speed
-Lack of mana regen*
-Lack of stat points to even spend once on command spell(s)
[Tips] Staying at the base to provide support with far sight non stop to allies is the best way to achieve victory easily.
Countering :Find someone with decent damage dealing to take care of him, example "Assassins , Zero Berserker"


Possible Role : Invader, Supporter, Middle, Defender
Build :
Quote :
Improve Battle Continuation Learned, Improve Gáe Bolg Learned, Gáe Bolg: Spear of Death Learned^, Extra stats into Str/mana regen
Priority Skills :
Quote :
Magical Runes*, Gáe Bolg: The Spear of Impaling Barbed Death, Gáe Bolg: The Spear of Striking Death Flight, Stat Points
Type : Invader/Middle
Pro :
-Able to deal high damage to enemy units with AoE skill.
-High chance to deals fatal blow or instant killing blow with single target skill.
-Moderate HP/MP which able to converts back and front without relaying too much on potions / command spells.
Con :
-Insufficient damage dealing to enemy units in late game/high levels.
-Have to relay on mantra/Stat points for using command spells in late game.
[Tips] Spamming command spells (longer cast) may helps in killing multiple/strong tanker units which could be useful for attack or defense, but over use command spells are also not a very good idea as in you would have lesser stat points to use on upgrading your servants. Stat points is limited in Capture The Flag.
Countering : Stay away from him whenever he uses Longer Cast, and always fight him with atleast another teammate nearby you, C scroll and blink away/kills him off if you ever see him trying to stab you with his spear to prevent Heart Break and leaving you into "waiting for 15 second respawn timer to finish up"


Possible Role : Invader, Supporter, Middle, Defender, Tank
Build :
Quote :
Mystic Eyes*, Pegasus Riding, Temple of Blood, Extra stats into Str/mana regen
Priority Skills :
Quote :
Breaker Gorgon^,Blood Fort Andromeda, Bellerophon, Stat Points*
Type : Invader/Supporter/Middle

-Ability to slow down or chance to petrified enemy units for a period of time.
-Ability to interrupt channeling spells/interrupt enemies to cast certain spells with Catena Sword Nail and Blood Fort Andromeda.
-Able to deal massive damage in a small AoE or in a Straight line with Bellerophon I & II.
-Moderate health points that will able her to not fall easily from enemies fatal attacks.

-Easily miss the target with Bellerophon if the user is weak as a Jumper or don't know how to use Advance Technique Nailphon
-Unable to deal high damage enough to kill certain enemy servants with high health point, Example - Berserkers
-Have to spend lots of stats and spell points to use longer cast in battle in late game.
(Tips : Stay away from enemy sight and ambush them with bellerophon or bellerophon II.)

Lazy to write down builds for each class. I'll just list down the most basic and common role according to the servent skills. Although might add it in on future.


- Invader/Defender/Middle

False Assassin(Sasaki Kojiro)


- Attacker/Tank/Middle


True Assassin(Hassan i Sabah)
- Attacker/Invader/Middle

Dark Saber(Arturia Pendragon)
- Tank/Supporter/Middle

Avenger(Angra Manyu)
- Attacker/Supporter/Middle/Tank

Zero Berserker(Lancelot Of the Lake)
- Attacker/Invader/Supporter/Tank/Middle

Zero Lancer(Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)
- Attacker/Invader/Supporter/Middle

Zero Caster(Gilles de Rais)
- Invader/Defender/Supporter

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PostSubject: Re: Details+Patch log+Mini guide for Capture The Flag Mode. (Incomplete)   Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:31 pm

Caster castle on top of flag isn't really a cheat seeing as it's kill-able, would delay a hero the same time as say Gilg protecting the flag and using Enkidu
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PostSubject: Re: Details+Patch log+Mini guide for Capture The Flag Mode. (Incomplete)   Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:45 pm

See CTF would be very fun, considering the strategies behind it which players can employ.

A very good guide, I'm impressed.
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PostSubject: Re: Details+Patch log+Mini guide for Capture The Flag Mode. (Incomplete)   Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:42 pm

EternalDevote wrote:
Caster castle on top of flag isn't really a cheat seeing as it's kill-able, would delay a hero the same time as say Gilg protecting the flag and using Enkidu

Well, this guide i created is before ZC releases, so placing on top of the flag might count as cheating, since for characters with low damage point can't do anything to the castle.
Now it's more reasonable since more people knows how to counter that part "either kills off casters or destroy the castle quickly"
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PostSubject: Re: Details+Patch log+Mini guide for Capture The Flag Mode. (Incomplete)   

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Details+Patch log+Mini guide for Capture The Flag Mode. (Incomplete)
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