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 Team A VS Team B

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PostSubject: Team A VS Team B   Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:32 am

In preparation for the FSS Tournament upcoming soon, I have scheduled a match between Team A vs Team B.

To accommodate for skill level differences, the following handicap will be applied:

Match 1: Team B gets first selection on all heroes.
Match 2: Team A plays with 70% handicap. Game is played using the new SP.
Match 3 (If Team B loses both) : Team B gets first selection and Team A plays with 70% handicap.

New SP rule is as follows:

1 Random/1 Reverse/3 Picks

The picks do not follow the typical counter we are used to. (For example, if you pick Saber, the opposing team does not automatically get Dark Saber. You can also have Two sabers in your team).

The match will be held on Sunday, January 8th at 8:00PM GMT+0 (BNET Time)

For time conversion, see the following link

Order of picks are as follows (F: First, S: Second)

Reverse: S->F
Select: F->S->S->F->S->F
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Team A VS Team B
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