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 Aussie rage thread

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PostSubject: Aussie rage thread   Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:10 pm

So does this official map only rule count the squally eng version of fate also? Or is his magically official right now?

Also, I thought that hosting / gathering people for fate in another channel was considered to be splintering the clan, and bannable. Catch 22?

Since kok is official mapmaker right now, can't he just put FSS stamp on this thing and make it official too? Or just copy the good parts like the better gae polk animation and showing how many of each team are left into the real one?

FSS has really fucked up on updates for a long time. People who haven't been neglecting fate for Sc2 rankings would know this. ZC random bug is gamebreaking, and has been in the map for a month now. Unless FSS are getting on the ball, it would be more productive to team up with the Aussies, because while their map has flaws it also has many improvements. And map designers that aren't busy sleeping / deleting their only unprotected copies.
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PostSubject: Re: Aussie rage thread   Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:43 am

I agree with this, even though it may not be fully 'official', they do get the job done.

Like he mentioned, just me alone have made two or three english versions and aided with some more (and i really doubt there were the only ones) but most of these got played. Cant say if the first two were even seen by UFW but i'm pretty sure about the last one.

This unofficial one was played. Or was that because i took advice from UFW on translations? Does this make a map official?

Besides, why the hell would we even bother with 'official' since its a custom map and for as far as i know, there are no tournaments with money involved every so often unlike for example Dota.
So what i say is:

Pick the best.
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Aussie rage thread
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