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 New Clan UFW: Future Plans

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PostSubject: New Clan UFW: Future Plans   Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:11 am

As the leader of Clan UFW once again, I have many plans to reform the clan so that the grand empire of UFW shall shine, representing the true metropolis of a Fate/Another clan in USEAST. The reformations that will or have already taken in place are as follows:

1. Appointment of New Shamans

Here's a list of new shamans for our clan:

  • Myth_Zero
  • MasterRivendare
  • Syaoran_kun
  • TheWorstNewbie
  • EternalDevote
  • Macgrady
  • Josph

Shamans listed above are given full priviledge and control over any affairs regarding Clan UFW. They are also given a handful amount of responsibilities to manage the operation of the clan.

2. Clan Ranks and Bot Access

Below describes our current ranking system:

Archer (1) - Reserved for Chieftain
Gilgamesh (2) - Reserved for Head of the Shaman
Saber (3) - Reserved for Shaman
Assassin (4) - Reserved for Chief officer. Been in clan for 180 days and is active in clan and forum.
Lancer (5) - Reserved for Officers (Limit : 5). Been in clan for 160 days and is active in clan and forum
Rider (6) - Been in clan for 120 days and is active in clan and forum
Caster (7) - Been in clan for 60 days and is active in clan and forum
Lancelot ( 8 ) - Been in clan for 30 days and is active in clan
True Assassin (9) - Grunt rank in Clan tab and registered on forum
Berserker (10) - Entry level of the clan.

The following is a proposed ranking system. Access refers to bot access (Clan UFW)

Archer (Rank 1, Access 200) - Reserved for Chieftain
Gilgamesh (Rank 2, Access 200) - Reserved for Shamans
Saber (Rank 3, Access 100) - Reserved for First Class Officers
Assassin (Rank 4, Access 90) - Reserved for Officers
Lancer (Rank 5, Access 80) - Remained in clan for 365 days, the member is active in clan and in forum
Rider (Rank 6, Access 70) - Remained in clan for 280 days, the member is active in clan and in forum
Caster (Rank 7, Access 60) - Remained in clan for 160 days, the member is active in clan, in forum, must pass Rites of Passage
Lancelot (Rank 8, Access 50) - Remained in clan for 100 days, the member is active in clan and in forum
True Assassin (Rank 9, Access 40) - Remained in clan for 60 days and the member is is active in clan
Berserker (Rank 10, Access 30) - Remained in clan for 30 days and the member is active in clan
Dark Saber (Rank 11, Access 25) - Remained in clan for 10 days, have registered in forum
Avenger (Rank 12, Access 20) - Entry level of clan

First Class Officers and Officers must meet the requirement for Rider (Rank 6) at minimum before appointment.

Priviledges of ClanUFW bot based on access:

  • Access 20: !mail, !inbox, !whoami, !crsrank
  • Access 60: !say
  • Access 80: !votekick, !voteban
  • Access 90: !kick, !ban, !timeban, !invite (Only on ClanUFW2 Bot), !join (Only on ClanUFW2 Bot)
  • Access 100: !crsset, !crspromote, !crsdemote
  • Access 200: !reconnect, !quit (Emergency Use Only)

3. Hosting Policies

With the end of Orochi- bot, it is now necessary to employ some bots of our own and set several rules behind it. This is to ensure that all privately hosted games in Clan UFW are operated without any hinderance or trouble.

  • Only Bot Owners, UFW members with Rank 5 and above can host using our designated bots
  • If there are no bot owners, UFW members with rank 5 or above present in channel or if they are afk, any UFW members who are given the hosting priviledge may use the bot to host
  • Only the personnels with the above mentioned requirement may balance the game.

This rule only applies to Fate/Another games hosted in Clan UFW channel. Any games hosted outside of Clan UFW which involves UFW members MAY be a subject to this rule. This will be decided on case-by-case basis by the admins.

With the exception of Qubot, which is only used for public hosting of Fate/Another unless if necessary, all other hosting bots will be a subject to this rule. If you are a bot owner and you would like to keep the hosting bot in channel, you must let l46kok know in advance so that the bot can be on the approved hosting bot list. All other unauthorized hosting bots will PROMPTLY BE BANNED FROM THE CHANNEL and you will NOT BE ABLE TO ADVERTISE GAMENAMES IN CLAN UFW CHANNEL. This rule will take in place starting from January 1st, 2011

Please click on this link to see a list of approved hosting bots

4. Revival of Team A, continual of Team B and Team C

I plan to revive Team A, and then have the current coaches continue operating Team B and Team C based on whether they feel like it or not.

5. Tournament

This is currently in discussion.

All changes will take in place by January 2011.
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New Clan UFW: Future Plans
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