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 Agd items !!

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PostSubject: Agd items !!   Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:14 pm

Here a list of agd items that i made with arashi help btw i used dota/wol name for items so i hope you can find them XD.

Shop Names
Ws=WeaponShop=Red Creep Shop.
Bb=BigBoo=Different items.
As=Armoryshop=small boo.
Sp=SupportShop=The shop that has ring of reg and mask of ne.

SomeItems name that i had to create.
NightElfArmor=550gold armor near paw in the BB shop.
CrowArmor=Hotkey Z in As.

Tier 1 Items
Maiden Uniform =Boots of Speed + Boots of Agi + Gloves of speed. Give + 60 ms +25% attack speed.
Flying courrier=Courrier+Flying Courrier recipe.
Aura Horn=All aura items in SupportShop (hotkeys A S D F).Gives Aura effect that improve +15 as,ms,dmg +5 Armor.
Emeraldring=Boot of speed +Reg ring+ Blink stone.Gives +60 ms +12 hp reg and 800 range
Circlet=Health stone + Mana Stone. Increase max Hp and Mana
Meditation ring =Ring of reg + sobi mask + recipe (meditation ring recipe cost 800).Gives +6 hp reg and 150% mana reg
Lion medalion=Basic Sword+Basic Bow + Basic Staff .Gives +10 all stats and +20 attack.
DeamonicShied=2 basic shiled in armory shop + NightElfArmor.Gives +6 armor and reduce physical attack by 15 (i suppose XD)
Staff of int=Star backet(Ws) + paw +NightElfArmor.Gives +30 int, rejuvination spell (heal 1200hp over 15 sec 120 mana cost).
BersekerGloves(has ddb icon)= Paw+NightElfArmor+gloves of str(Ws) .+30 str berseker spell
Gundam= Paw+NightElfArmor+Bat wings.Gives +30 agi and +50ms +15 armor for 15 sec

2nd Tier Items

Helm of valor=Mage cup + Armor scroll (boo shop).Gives +3int + 3 armor +20%mr.
Moon Armor=Cup of immolation+Spiky door+Pink Crow.Give 5int 5 armor and 5%Evasion.
Red helm=Fur Cup+Armor scroll (boo shop).Gives 3agi
+ 3armor +20%mr.
Wood armor=...
Iron helm=Spiky door(As) +CrowArmor.Gives 3str +3armor +20% mr.
Bear Paw=CrowArmor+ Reg ring.Give 5str+5armor + 6hp reg.
Baseball Mace=Quatterstaff+Mythril armor.Gives 60attack +5% to bash for 0.6 seconds.
Improved Bow=Basic bow + Advance bow+ paw. Gives +20 agi +something and a attack bonus.
Double sword=Basic Sword + Advance Sword+ paw. Gives +20 str 10%crit and a attack bonus.
Mana Staff =Basic Staff + Mystic Staff +Paw.Gives +20 int an attack bonus and u can use it to cast Cold Breath spell.
Claws=Advance Swrod + Advance Bow + Mystic Staff + Paw . Gives + 40 all stats + 30 attack.

3rd Tier Items

Ara Cat ears=Meditation ring + Circlet + recipe (recipe cost 1000).Gives +12 hp sec +180%mana reg +300 hp and 150 mana
Utawarerumono Mask=Helm of valor+Red helm + Iron helm.Gives +5 all stats +8 armor +35%
chance to reduce dmg taken by 50.
Sakuya'sSpellcard=Maiden uniform + Emerald ring.Gives 90 ms+45%Atkspeed+6hp reg and 950 reg
Sosclub Baseball bat =Baseball Mace+Lion Medallion.Gives +70 all stats +5 all stats+ 5armor and 8% chance
to stun for a second and deals 75 dmg.
Shinigamiuniform=Double Sword+Iron helm+Recipe.55str+10armor+20%attack speed + 10hp reg.
Toheart=Red helm+Wood armor+ImprovedBow.Gives 45 agi, 25 dmg 20% mr and 15% 2x Crit.
Crystal gem=Claws+Lion medalion (recipe cost 1000).Gives +70 all stats +70 attack.

For mistakes post in this topic or if u find more suit names for items to.

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PostSubject: Re: Agd items !!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:34 pm

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Hi, I win, Reimu replyed and sent me thier page link. Its got all the item icons for fusions and effects of the items but the stuff is in korean or japanese or whatever the boxes are. Smile
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Agd items !!
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