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 WS:Cursed Guardian Beta Testing

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PostSubject: WS:Cursed Guardian Beta Testing   Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:26 am

What to say? I don't want to be tl;dr, but I don't want to miss vital stuff:

A1. A new Warrior Souls story map. It is single player(although 10 observer slots are available, and very well done imo), and it is NOT just cutscenes.

Q2. K, wtf is the gameplay like?
A2. You control one character with various abilities EXCEPT a basic wc3 "attack". Just kill stuff til you win.

Q3. Story? wtf?
A3. Yes. Storyline. Canon Warrior Souls storyline. Based off the characters in Warrior Souls 1.28F. BladeForge&Seventh Sabbath will get their own story maps later.
The beta version does disclude almost all of the real plot&characters and swaps it out with Myself(as the writer) and Deadrule(the WS character capable of breaking the fourth wall).

Q4. Achievements?
Q4. Although the beta discludes them, the game features Achievements. Upon beating the game, your list of achievements are listed, along with your rank for each stage completed. I'll release a list of possibles shortly after the final release.
(Try to get all the ones you can in the three days before I do!)

Q5. Unlockables
A5. Although the Beta version lacks unlockables(along with hero999's cameos), there will be a few. The final version will feature three unlockable playable characters. Alexia(Beta), Alexia, and Deadrule.
Alexia(Beta) uses the Beta plotline&cutscenes(so it doesn't go to total waste). Whereas Alexia&Deadrule are just model swaps for the main character.

Q6. Sounds? Custom Models?
A6. Although the beta lacks nearly any sounds, the final will include a full soundtrack(a total of 11 songs) and various sound effects. All the songs will be custom made by me of course.
As for models...Well there's one spell effect model, and two models for cameo-characters. Along with Alexia&Deadrule too I guess...


Simple. Play. Please Beta-Test the map as much as you can. There are only 3 things I want you to make note of:
#1. (Most important) Difficulty. Glitches making it harder doesn't count. I want to know how difficult you thought each stage was to complete. It's best to judge stages 3~6 as one stage since your HP carries over each time.
#2. Glitches/Bugs. Anything that doesn't work as it should needs to be reported so it can be fixed for the final version.
#3. Enjoyment. How much did you actually enjoy the map?

If this first beta version is too glitchy to judge accurately, say so. Another beta can always be made to fix it for further testing.

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WS:Cursed Guardian Beta Testing
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