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 Fate / Another II V1.0 Patch Notes

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PostSubject: Fate / Another II V1.0 Patch Notes   Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:32 pm

- By Official Fate/Another Site.

The map is currently out as of February 14th, 2009

System Changes

  • Loading time for the map has been decreased
  • Imbaed up Wisps (MS Wise)
  • Added commands to hold the sight (So you don't accidently scroll your mouse down and change your camera). Type "Hold on" to hold your camera and "Hold off" to cancel it.
  • (Korean only)시야 고정 immediately sets your camera to 150 and holds it
  • Kick system is based on majority votes now. (Type -kick ID)
  • Changes player's name on the multiboard to 서번트 + ID. (Servant written in Korean)
  • Provides a Blink Scroll upon death in the modes of FFA or Arena only if not possessed in the inventory. If yes, provides 300 gold instead.
  • Changes the spawn points for Team 1 and Team 2 in every rounds for the mode of Death Match
  • Pauses the game instead of running the victory trigger when the game is complete.
  • Changed the BGM of the game to Starcraft : Terran

Terrain Changes
  • Changed the layouts of the inside of buildings
  • More trees added nearby Einzbern Castle

Observer Changes
  • Observers can now choose to watch only Team 1, Team 2 or both at the start of the game.
  • Observer's camera is now fixed and held at 150. (Autofixes scroll problems)
  • Observers can view the stat points spent by each servants.

Servant Changes

  • Combined Caliburn's damage into one. (So that it doesn't go through Battle Continuation) (Cancelled)
  • Excalibur's base damage is increased by 100.
  • [Newly Updated]If the attribute "Instinct" has been learnt, Saber gains an active skill to avoid all targettable Noble-Phantasms (Such as Gae' Bolg, Tsubame Gaishi). Duration : 10 Seconds, Cooldown : 60 Seconds.Duration : 2 Seconds, Cooldown : 45 Seconds.

  • [Newly Updated]Reduced Removed casting time for Kansho Bakuya. This means that Kansho Bakuya will be casted immediately.
  • Fixed a bug with UBW where throw swords does not damage the enemies occasionally.
  • Combined Hrunting's Damage into one and added a cooldown timer
  • Gives archer invulnerability while he is in the air from using Crane Wing (Kansho Bakuya Overedge). [Newly Updated]Also, when the conditions for using Kansho Bakuya Overedge has been met, Archer gains a separate command for the spell (Hotkey : D) rather than replacing Kansho Bakuya.
  • [Newly Updated]Kansho and Bakuya's Cooldown is set to 3 Seconds during UBW.
  • The five broken phantasms fired during Arrow Rain (Combo) is now fired at the enemies instead of random places

  • Removed the provided aerial sight from using Jump.
  • Removed Mana cost for Mana Exchange.
  • Fixed a bug on where Ferocity disables Critical Strike. The incinerate bonus along with the ability is now passive. Fixed a bug where incinerate disables critical strike when occured and vice versa.
  • Using jump after Gae' Bolg (The Spear of Striking Death Flight) cannot prevent any counter-attack spells. (Avalon, Void Avesta)
  • Improved Arrow Protection.
  • [Newly Updated]Gae' Bolg's (The Spear of Striking Death Flight) Damage has been slightly increased for lvl 1-4. Lvl 5 damage stays the same.

  • Improved Evil Spirit Eyes attribute reduces movement speed by 30% (20% before).
  • Decreased Bellerophon II's cooldown time from 180 seconds to 120 seconds and its width is increased by 100

  • Siphon Mana from Caster's castle can now provide mana to allies
  • Caster's Lightning Bomb does not take caster to an immovable region.
  • The limit of Castle's Skeleton Upgrade is increased to 10

  • Reduced the stat points requirement for Transparency to 10.
  • Reduced the stat points requirement for Knowledge of Foremost Harmony to 7

True Assassin
  • Throw Daggers is now a default skill rather than an upgradable one. (Hotkey changed to D). Throws a maximum of 5 daggers to nearby enemies, dealing 180 damage to each with 13 damage per second. The target's movement speed is reduced by 18%. Lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Added a skill called "Mug". (Hotkey : E). This ability deals damage, steals a certain amount of gold and has low chance of stealing one of enemy's items from the inventory.
  • Self-Modification immediately heals True Assassin by 50% of the maximum HP and the remaining health is healed over time.
  • Zabaniya's cast time is reduced to 0.5 seconds. (Cancelled).
  • If the attribute for presence concealment has been learned, True Assassin will not be detected by a ward within 1000 range during Presence Concealment. Far sight with Clairvoyance can still detect True Asssassin.
  • After castnig Zabaniya, True Assassin gains a magic resistance of 50% (75% with A scroll) for 1 second.
  • If Zabaniya Improvement has been learnt, this also improves the Mug ability. If Mug is used after Shadow Surprise, the 400 300 (As of new changes) extra damage applies and gives 1 sec stun.
  • Assassination no longer targets allies. It will only target enemies and True Assassin himself.
  • Added Barrage to True Assassin (Attacks 3 enemies per hit)
  • [Newly Updated]The specification of Shadow Surprise has been nerfed and its hotkey is changed to Q.

Dark Saber
  • The required stats of attribute for Improved Mana Blast has been decreased to 15. Reduced the lag which occurs when the Mana Blast is used with orbs.
  • The required stats for Improved Release Darkness has been decreased to 15. The period for each wave from Release Darkness has been decreased to 0.5 sec and relocates Dark Saber to the nearest enemy on the first wave of Release Darkness.

  • Fixed a bug with Shape Transform where it took 100 mana away and didn't teleport Avenger under 100HP.
  • The duration for True Form is increased by 2 seconds. Fixed a bug where the attack range is decreased at random times during True Form.
  • Modified the experience and gold given by the spirits. Added a penalty to the spirits of which it deducts the armor 50 and increased rate of degeneration by 2 times if the spirits are away from Avenger by 5000 range.
  • Fixed a bug with Void Avesta regarding it's duration (Used to be 11 seconds regardless of its level when its supposed to be 10-9-8-7-6).
  • Fixed a bug with Mark of the Revenge where it gave an ally the mark if Avenger was teamkilled.
  • The damage from the melee attacks now goes in immediately. (There used to be a slight delay)

  • Increased the Amount of Mana burned and decreased the percentage of Damage Penalty by Double-Edged Sword (Manaburn 10-20-30-40-50, Damage Penalty 5%,10%,15%,20%,25%).
  • Changed the list of Noble Phantasms given by Knight of Camelot : The Knight Shall Not Die Empty Handed. (Lvl 1 - Caliburn, Lvl 2 - Gae' Bolg, Lvl 3 - Rule Breaker, Lvl 4 - Tsubame Gaish, Lvl 5 - Nine Lives). [Newly Updated Caliburn's default skill lvl is 3 and with "Honor of the Shining Lake" attribute learnt, it is increased to 4.
  • Fixed a bug where caster could cast the combo after rule breakering Lancelot under Arondait.
  • The Beacon that appears on the spot of the nuke is now enlarged so that it's easier to see.

Item Changes
  • The cost of Soul Link is increased to 1500 gold. Soul link only shares 80% of the max hp for who are linked (So it doesn't take you down to 1 hp). Decreased the duration to 20 seconds and the maximum amount of people who can be linked to 4.
  • The O RLY owl can turn into a ward at the cost of 1000 gold. Decreased the cost of O RLY owl to 300 gold.
  • (Korean Only)After 30 seconds of Dust of Appearnce usage, the game displays a text to everyone the name of the person using the dust.

Neutral Creeps Changes
  • Lvl 5 and Lvl 6 Creeps can cast bloodlust on themselves.
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Fate / Another II V1.0 Patch Notes
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